Friends, Family Call Spencer and Heidi Liars

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's split is all a big lie, according to some friends (yes, they have some) and family member close to the plastic pairing.

So who's telling the truth?

According to sources cited by Us, Heidi and Spencer fabricated their split in a desperate attempt to stay famous as The Hills wraps up its final season.

Adds an insider, "Heidi and Spencer are laughing over it and having a blast." Even Heidi's sister, Holly Montag, Twittered that the couple are "liars."

That wouldn't surprise THG one bit if it were a complete sham, but TMZ broke the story, "blindsiding" Heidi, whose rep confirmed the separation.

What gives?

Stupid Speidi Picture

HOAX PERPETRATORS? Speidi checks THG to see if we're buying it.

Heidi's new/old BFF Jen Bunney says she and Heidi are doing a single-girls reality show and Heidi only waited to leave Spencer because of The Hills.

"She waited for The Hills to be over to split. Now she doesn't have to pretend," Bunney says, adding that Speidi rejected a fake divorce Hills plot.

But others say the two are simply in publicity-seeking panic mode. Speidi's breakup "is the latest part of Spencer's master plan," an insider says.

Even Bunney says there are no divorce papers filed, and hints at a reunion on their show: "That will be a big aspect ... how Spencer handles it."

This whole Speidi split is ...


When the plastic whore finally decides to kill herself, I only pray that she takes the flesh-colored bearded one as well.


the biggest joke is on anyone that sees hiedi as being controled by spencer she is as much as a lead player in all of this---they played it so spencer would always be the one to blame and it worked because now that we are way over them Heidi (finally wakes up from her "BRAINWASHING" and is leaving spencer --- whole new show to see how she gets her life back ( you bet spencer will be on and off the new show ) these two only make very calculated moves !!! the ones that should completly disown them is their families--the hurt heidi has coused her family is unforgivable!!!!!! when these two finally hit bottom I hope all they have is each other!! please viewers if they are on your tv turn it off this is the only way to stop them from using us!!!!!


These two are such losers, why would any network do a reality show with Heidi and some nobody? LIARS AND LOSERS

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