Fashion Face-Off: Vanessa Williams vs. Jennifer Hudson

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One is a former Miss America.

The other is an Oscar winner.

But this isn't a time to congratulate Vanessa Williams and Jennifer Hudson on their respective careers. Far from it!

Instead, the talented actresses are pitted against each other in the latest edition of a THG Fashion Face-Off. They may both look beautiful in blue, but there can be only one winner. Good luck to each star!

Vanessa v. Jennifer

Who wears this outfit better?


It is a DAM shame how you people can LIE. Look at the two ladies and how their dress is fitting on them. Jennifer Hudson looks stunning, and have on the killer shoes. Vanessa Williams looks tacky. The belt is just offer, and the low heel shoes is not a good look. Her dress is not even hanging right on her. The people who have voted in this ware are real HATERS. Jen Hudson won this look hands down. Haters are always going to HATE. I am a Vanessa Williams FAN also but we can clearly see Jhud wore this dress the best. Jennifer Hudson is as gorgeous as she wants to be.

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