Elin Woods to Leave Tiger, But Stay in Florida?

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Tiger Woods' wife Elin is reportedly seeking full custody of the couple's two children, but may be leaning toward remaining in South Florida, according to sources.

Elin and the kids are currently in China visiting her brother and she’s rumored to be mulling a return to her native Sweden - permanently. But perhaps no longer.

As divorce talks have progressed, Elin Woods has indicated a desire to stay in Florida, albeit in the southern part of the state, a few hours away from Orlando.

Elin may be seeking up to $750 million in a divorce, and wants full custody of the children, according to a source close to the situation, causing serious tension.

Her desire to move to Sweden, while understandable, could create big problems with Tiger as he wants to see his children often. Thus the South Florida idea.

Will Elin Woods stay in Florida to speed the divorce along?

“She has good friends in South Florida,” one source said of Elin recently. “She has spent time with them this year and she’s interested in moving to the area."

“It could be the perfect solution. If she has any chance on Tiger not fighting her on seeking full custody, then he’s going to want to see his kids regularly."

If Elin stays in the area, i.e. a few hours away by car and even less by plane, "that would be much easier and could avoid big problems with the divorce.”

She's been creating a life without Tiger, traveling regularly and rarely interacting with him - the two are not on speaking terms despite living a mile apart.

When and if the divorce is put on paper, expect it to be done fast, discreetly and with a big payout, much like Tiger used to treat his bevy of mistresses.

I'm totally on ...


CLB, how can Tiger be an adulterer before he is married? I thought you had to have a spouse to commit adultery - get it right CLB.


To: so that’s how it happened,
Nice try to discredit Elin Nordegren, specially when no tabloid or media outlet has been able to find any dirt about her. Tiger and his lunatic followers will use any excuse to justify his cheating, adulterous, sordid, devious behavior, even blame it on Elin! The media has repeatedly said that Elin has been a loyal, devoted wife to Tiger and loving mother to her children. While Tiger has been a serial adulterer, liar, and deceiver, before, during and after his marriage to Elin!


No tabloid or media outlet has been able to find any dirt about Elin Nordegren’s life, character and behavior. If there would have been anything, Tiger would have never married Elin. I remember reading an interview, with Tiger’s mother, Tilda, done when Tiger was still single, where she stated that any future bride of Tiger would be investigated thoroughly. I will not doubt this was done with Elin, before Tiger married her. All that the media has repeatedly said is that Elin has been a loyal, devoted wife to Tiger and a loving mother to her children. While Tiger has been a serial adulterer, liar, and deceiver, before, during and after his marriage to Elin!


I read some time ago that the house in Jupiter Island, that is almost completed, was designed by Elin, way before the scandal and that this was to be their family home. Maybe Elin and the children will get the house as part of the divorce settlement since it is being rumored that she and the children will be moving to South Florida. Maybe this is the way for Tiger to keep Elin and the children nearby!


Not to defend Tiger's woredom ways, sO ThaTs wHaT hAppeNed
So that's how it happened......Elin had already "dated", i.e. slept with other golf pros before she met Tiger. She was an attractive nanny for Jesper Parnevik and had the opportunity to meet the golfers. It wasn't until after they were married that Tiger found out she had slept with other golfers and was devastated. He was asked one night, while playing poker with a bunch of other golfers how it felt to know his wife slept with_____ and _____ ? This news was very upsetting to Tiger and changed his outlook and opinion of Elin - especially since she wasn't honest about it before the marriage. It put him in a tailspin and forever changed their relationship. After that, he wasn't faithful and she was well aware of his unfaithfulness and accepted it.
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/n...


Please Tom spare us the stupid racist issue. The fact that Mr Woods decided to destroy his family with some bimbos has nothing to do with race but rather with character and morals.
Yes he's a good golfer but life ain't just about golf don't you think ???
As far as Elin is concerned you seem bitter and rather jealous . She did nothing wrong. If you want to blame someone for this mess why don't you try the great Tiger, you know the one who once was respected for his squeaky clean image. Now he's tarnished forever and I don't think for a second he will completely recover from this. At least he has more than 122 sluts to comfort him.


I wish Elin all the best. She's a gorgeous classy dignified woman who was betrayed by a serial cheater.
Too bad Tiger couldn't see the difference between a woman of substance and some floozies who were after him for his money.
He decided to humiliate and hurt the only one who loved him and supported him while the others didn't care about him for one bit.
Talking about some waste ..............


Elin would be dancing on a pole without Tiger..No one cares where she goes or what she does.. Cept the lesbian men haters who previously posted..oh and racists too!


I agree with you K. Elin really degraded herself by marrying this ugly guy. But now I believe he's even more ugly because of what he did to his family.
Elin should hook up with a bunch of hot sexy guys with personality and try to forget the nightmare called Tiger Woods.


Look at them two! Elin is so pretty and tiger is so ugly. He NEVER deserved her!

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