Elin Woods to Seek Full Custody of Tiger Cubs

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Her impending divorce from Tiger Woods is about to become more heated if reports that Elin Nordegren will seek full custody of their two kids are true.

While she wants Tiger to be a big part of their children’s lives, she's said to be resistant to agreeing to joint custody, which the embattled golfer wants.

This behind-the-scenes development could turn the estranged pair's private dissatisfaction into a loud, contentious, public Tiger Woods divorce battle.

Elin and Tiger live currently separate lives in separate houses, approximately a mile apart, and despite close physical proximity, they are not speaking.

“They share the children, but the nannies drive the kids," a source said. "[Elin Woods] has her people communicate with him so she doesn’t have to.”

Tiger, who is supposedly not allowed to date, per lawyers' instructions, has been spotted with an Elin look-alike in recent weeks. That'll go over well.

Elin and Tiger Woods are already squaring off over custody.

The Swedish beauty recently took their two children to Sweden, sparking rumors that she may want to move back to her home country with the kids.

At the time, Elin and Tiger had informally agreed to a joint custody agreement as they try to hammer out the divorce terms before filing. But no longer.

“Elin isn’t saying that she’s moving to Sweden but she does want full custody now,” one source said. “She has changed a lot since Tiger’s cheating."

Things were going well, but "Since he returned to golf, she’s distanced herself from him. It seems to have killed their small chance at reconciling.”

Both Tiger and Elin have hired divorce lawyers but not filed papers. She is said to want $750 million from Tiger in a record-breaking settlement.

Whatever she gets, it will be a lot. “But the real fight is going to be over the kids,” the source says. “Tiger is not going to give up without a fight.”

Whose side are you on?


Some women when in rage and angery apper to be more sexy to their men and it depends on the women ie some have act of forgiveness and some do not have an act of forgiveness.
The only thing Tiger Wood can do is to ask for forgiveness, buy her presents and make a serious or heartfelt request to Elin and this up to Elin to forgive or not to forgive.


Tiger as he named himself cares nothing for those children. Proof: He exposed their mother to serious diseases by having sex with a legion of dirty women, porn stars, prostitutes, sluts, bimbos, without wearing a condom. He should not have joint custody of those children. Elin knows what she's doing.


It sounds unreasonable for the wife to want everything...750 M$ and full custody of kids .... It is more revengeful acts than being reasonable as the mother of the 2 kids .... I am starting to feel she views the marriage as a huge revenue generating source for her...I am not saying Tiger is right, in fact he indeed had made a huge mistake...but the wife is obviously purely revenging rather than wanting a peaceful settlement ... A person always living in revenge and anger won't be peaceful, Elin should learn to back off to be a reasonable woman... I thought she is a Christian ....but it appeared she had been side-tracked a lot due to trying to get even...


Oh Stanley who put his family through hell ??? This is your Tiger. He has to pay the price. Who does he think he is ? Being able to destroy your family and go back to golf as nothing has happened.
He must live in fantasy land.
BTW why Tiger doesn't file for divorce first if he really wants to? Because as always he's a coward and still having a hard time taking responsabilities. Maybe he should call his PR team or his mom ?
Stupid jackass who will pay dearly for what he did - I don't talk about money.


Good, Elin should have the full custody. What does Tiger care? He's no daddy material going out and cheating all the time. That's not a proper relationship even with kids. Elin wouldn't want her kids growing up thinking that lifestyle is okay.


Same old shit..different day..No news is more poor Elin talk..F...the ho..
I hope she gets nothing..Let her work the stripper pole..About all she is good for..I hear she hates black people so she married Tiger to take all his money to an Arian compound..Just a rumor but it will hit the wires later in the month..


Elin should give up custody of the kids. It’s obvious Elin create a bitter atmosphere for the children with her animosity towards her husband. Her attitude is even worse than the effect Tiger has on his kids for his sexual misconduct. The kids do sense the negativity. Tiger might be a philanderer but that doesn’t make him a bad father. If Elin has already made her decision to divorce, then it is not worth it for Tiger to waste time on her anyway. Tiger should move on and get back his career. Why let such a negative person like Elin put you down? Why does she take a long time to work out the divorce? Just file and move on. Elin should stop torturing Tiger by prolonging the process. Kill the uncertainty and the repeated useless rumors.


@ Free,
Love the title of the article!


Frankly when was he a father ? Between golf tournaments and hookers/prostitutes/porn stars ???? He never cared about his kids and now suddenly he needs them . This is pure BS like his so called sex addiction. He wants to gain sympathy from the public by fighting for his kids.
He should have thought about them when he was sleeping with his harem of sluts. My God he didn't make a mistake he made a lifestyle his choice of banging every trashy stupid bimbo in sight.
How can he be a good role model to his kids especially to his son? It's OK to cheat on your wife and treat her like a piece of garbage !!! NO no no he doesn't deserve to have joint custody. He should have visitation rights for the moment and in time if he proves he can co parent so maybe he will have joint custody.
For now he seems an irresponsible parent - hookers, vicodin, ambien, alcohol .... not a very good combination .
Tiger wanted to play now he has to pay. Elin is doing the right thing for the kids.


I hope Tiger agrees to do what is best the children. Revisit custody in a year Tiger, learn to speak Swedish and how to make family time just that family time. Stop treating Elin as if she is your nanny for your children. Elin is their Mother who is a woman who wishes a full life in addition to raising kids and being a wife. You had your chance, Elin put you first and traveled with you before you had kids. Traveling weekly with kids is not good for every golf family. Elin and you have 2 kids under 3years of age, and nanny help is not the same as parenting. Elin and kids was spending more time with the other wives and the hired help than with you. First time moms need more time to enjoy their little ones, be at home with a loving husband when he does not have to practice or work, hang out with other families like them. Not single guys running game and looking for cheap thrills, dark dank clubs all the time!!!

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