Elin Woods in China, Tiger Woods in 26th Place

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Elin Woods and Tiger Woods are still officially married, but clearly living separate lives as he resumes his golf career and his estranged wife travels the globe.

It's unlikely they could be much farther apart, literally or otherwise. They aren't on speaking terms and she's in China visiting her brother (8,058 miles away).

Tiger Woods' Kids

On Friday, Elin packed up the couple's two kids, Sam, 1, and Charlie, 2, and left Orlando to visit her brother Axel in Shanghai. She'll be there at least a week.

As for Tiger, he was back on the golf course competing in the Memorial Tournament in Ohio. He's a respectable three-under, but tied for 26th as of right now.

"I haven't played," Woods told ESPN. "This is my 10th round of the year. Usually you're like that in January. Here we are in June. I need competitive rounds."

What was he doing in January? Oh, yeah, the sex rehab thing.

Elin Woods is clearly focusing on life after Tiger.

Despite Tiger's astonishing double life, the couple was seemingly trying to reconcile and even making progress, spending a lot of time together early in the year.

Things grew icy between the pair prior to Tiger's return to golf at the Masters, though. They have spoken since, and she may be moving to her native Sweden.

The impending Tiger-Elin Woods divorce is still speculative - neither party has filed any papers - but reports suggest that it's about to get far more contentious.

Elin has decided to go for full custody of their two children, not agreeing with the joint custody offer Tiger reportedly seeks. Things could turn ugly pretty fast.

She's also shown reluctance to abide by the confidentiality Tiger wants, leading some to think her quiet dissatisfaction with him could eventually become public.

I'm totally a member of ...


Both Tiger and Elin are guilty of unforgivable sin... using the children as pawns in their own personal battle.. What did the children do to deserve that? Is it really for the kids or themselves? Never put the kids in the middle!!!! Shame on both of you, neither should have the kids until you can stop using them!!!!


Why don't you quote the news rather than give your take on it and assume that what you are posting is the truth. Unless you are Elin or Tiger no one knows what is going on - despite Radar Online "sources" - whoever they may be and I am assuming they are on Radar Online's payroll. You are all pathetic. You are feeding the Tiger haters with all your vindictive comments - and you all know who you are - when this is over who your wrath be focused on?


Their kids are so cute...I feel so sorry for them having to go through this. Tiger is a douche, period.


Tiger's got a pussy in his tank! Always did!


sO ThaTs wHaT hAppeNed
met Tiger. She was an attractive nanny for Jesper Parnevik and had the opportunity to meet the golfers. It wasn't until after they were married that Tiger found out she had slept with other golfers and was devastated. He was asked one night, while playing poker with a bunch of other golfers how it felt to know his wife slept with_____ and _____ ? This news was very upsetting to Tiger and changed his outlook and opinion of Elin - especially since she wasn't honest about it before the marriage. It put him in a tailspin and forever changed their relationship. After that, he wasn't faithful and she was well aware of his unfaithfulness and accepted it.
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It will work its self out, eventually.... I suspect once the anger, hurt feelings and sense of betrayal, hulmiliation is pass... there "might" be an attempt to reconcile...It will not be a simple or easy task but IF "they both" desire and are willing to reinvent the focus of their uniom.... it might become successful. ss it will take focusing and hard sincere efforts to make that happenm and each individual willing to give it their all.. which can be difficult for the offended spouse.. you can forgive..but not forget. work, the hardest thing they have attempted.. Betrayal can knock a person to their knees....


Elin should have full custody of the children and Tiger visitation only. No responsible Court on this land will overlook Tiger Woods serious emotional and character issues, before granting parental custody on this case. The court basically looks for what is to be in the best interest of the children. Among the things the Court considers are which parent is best suited and capable to meet the day to day needs of the children, provide a stable home, love, a nurturing environment and emotional wellbeing. It seems to me that Elin Nordegren has been a loving, caring mother to her children. She has being there for her children all along, while Tiger was running around with every W-H-O-R-E, in and out of town. Up to recently, it appears that Elin was in favor of sharing the children’s custody with Tiger providing he kept clean from addictions and continues rehab but something must have happened that made Elin changed her mind, maybe Tiger has not keep up with rehab.

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