Eclipse Cast Sounds Off on Miley Cyrus

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For the record, Miley Cyrus hates pop music, Glee and, of course, pants.

Now, the singer has added something else to her list of disdain. In an interview with E! News last week, the singer said: "I hate vampires."

Naturally, this led the network to speak to members of the Eclipse cast about Miley's comments and they replied as follows:

Taylor Lautner: "She doesn't need to like vampires. As long as she likes werewolves, we're cool."

Peter Facinelli: "I'm not necessarily a huge vampire fan, but I do love the books that Stephenie Meyer created. I love that you don't see fangs. It's not a horror movie by any means."

Miley in Nashville

Elizabeth Reaser: "I've always been a fan of vampires since I was a little girl. I loved all the Anne Rice books. Maybe Miley's resisting. Maybe they're so popular now that it's annoying or she's sick of seeing us."

Kellan Lutz: "She hasn't met me then. I would change her opinion on that, I'm sure. I have my ways."

Ashley Greene: "That's so unfortunate because I love her new songs... I'm going to sit Miley down and force her to watch Twilight."


Hollywood, do you now hat KMAA means?If you had a single brain molecule in your head, you'd have realized that my post was a jab at the phoniness of the Hollywood you seem so proud of. Have fun rolling your dingleberries into little balls and making little race cars out of them. Try not to eat them this time.By the way, genius, it's "your," not "you're." Nice comprehension of basic third-grade grammar.Go get your GED already. Self-satisfiedidiots such a yourself make me laugh, f*ckwit.Do you even have a third-grade education?


@Atlanta Rachele: Do you know what the word 'fictional' means? Vampires and werewolves---YES(fictional). Miley Cyrus however---is a REAL Person. So embrace the 'cute' and 'funny' club,cause---you're lack of vocabulary comprehension---has landed YOU in it...Later; Hollywood---out.


Y'all are pretty cute and funny with your passion over fictional creatures such as Miley Cyrus and vampires and werewolves and the like. You go with your crazy selves!


Oky, That's HER Opinion, Which Im Not A Fan Of, But It's Still Her Opinion. But To All These Vampire Loverz, Well HELL YA ! I Lovee Vampirez ! They Rock ! And That's MY Opinion, So Fuck Off If Yu Disaqree! No Offense, But I Dont Take Go By "Team Edward"And "Team Jacob" Cuz I Love Them Both ! I Go By Vampires VS. Werewolves. But Im Glad They Work Toqether In Eclipse ! :)


It seems that Miley has better taste than we give her credit for. But really what did Miley say? "I don't like vampires." is like saying" I don't like war." of course not, no sane person dose. Even though vampires are fictitious, they are also anti christen .Good for you" MeNotYou" I could never have put that better myself.


So what if? She has the right to like and dislike whatever she wants, like everyone esle.


In this case, Miley needs to shut up a little. Sure, she has the right to her own opinion. She doesn't have to like Twilight or vampires. But by being so vocal about it she: 1. Is eliminating future career opportunities for herself. Vampires are hot right now. A lot of books and movies are being made about them. So because she keeps hating on vampires, she might be talking herself out of some movie roles. If she ever does play in a vampire movie or show people are gonna be like "she's such a hypocrite!" 2. There are A LOT of fans of Twilight and other vampire stuff, so she's pissing off a lot of people. This girl already has enough people hating on her and giving her scarlet letter treatment for expressing her sexuality. She doesn't need to draw in a whole new group of haters by saying stuff like that. Or is she deliberatley doing this to piss people off in the first place? She did say that she wants to go crazy this year.


Miley a fucked up DUMMY that is wat the hell she is


Seriously, Miley has some issues.



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