Eclipse Cast Sounds Off on Miley Cyrus

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For the record, Miley Cyrus hates pop music, Glee and, of course, pants.

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    By 6 septiembre, 2010 - 17:44pongan me1s caatrs pu xDa este paso es bieeeen lenteja por faltimo, por que9 no ponen un excel con todas las caatrs, costes, atributos y habilidades?total maf1ana tengo entendido que salen los sobres a la venta


    Miley did say that she hated werewolves when newmoon was released.She said she didn't like wolves popping out of her screen.She said she would never watch the movie.She sounds bitter and jealous.Twighlight really is a phenomenon.The old saying goes if don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....


    but i can't see him because i line in Guyana an thats far from hollywood,i want to see Robert paterson too i am a huge fan of all of them


    i wish one day i can see taylor


    Me too Haley1020 or l would have told her to go and suck on her Daddys dick while everyone else is loving Eclipse and at the samt tym cry that her trashy CD sold a measly 32 000 this week!!


    wow wat a jealous little bitch i would have slapped her 4 sayin that




    Hollywood here you go again!!!! Wow!! You really are a fan...

    Do you realise how calm everyone of the Eclipse Cast answers that question... they didnt say anything like "Well we hate this, or we hate that" its good to know that some hollywood kids still manage to act mature and diplomatic. Especially Ashley she even went on to praise Miley!! I have a feeling they were coached to say the nicest they could think of but naww they are just really nice, none of them even retorted about her image or anything negative. Way to go Eclipse guys!!


    Oops, Of course I meant of yours coming along, which even the simplest of cretins would easily have surmised. You justtry typing with one hand, Mouth breather.


    Oops, I meant to type "know what," but you already know that. Get over yourself. I have to type with one hand because my left hand is paralyzed. It is "your," not "you're," by the way. I'm paralyzed on the left side of my body, so at least I have an excuse for my typos, but you have no excuse for not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're," unless your brain is paralyzed. You see, "you're" is a contraction that means "you are." Your mother must be so proud of you. The average second-grader knows that much, you know!How is that chronic drooling problem of your coming along?

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