Dina Manzo to The Real Housewives of New Jersey: I'm Outta Here!

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A new Danielle Staub sex tape may be creating the most online buzz around The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but it's a Danielle Staub tirade that has reportedly led to the exit of a show cast member.

Multiple sources confirm that Dina Manzo will quit the series after next week's episode, a decision that was hyped in a recent Bravo promo that teased one of the Housewives will be "leaving forever."

Danielle and Dina have clashed throughout the season, but Zap2It reports it was the former's behavior at a recent charity benefit that truly opened up Manzo's eyes to the self-absorbed lunatics with whom she was sharing the screen.

Referring to Staub's outburst at the event (read about it HERE), Manzo said: "For her to make a mockery of it was extra upsetting as a cast member. It was really the last straw for me."

Away from the cameras, Dina runs Project Ladybug, an organization for children with life-threatening illnesses.

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Manzo says she was "a thousand percent" against Bravo filming the aforementioned charity gala. The reason?

"I take this very, very seriously. I am so exhausted at the end of the day and I don't make a penny for Ladybug."

Of course, Bravo would only make the following statement in regard to this rumor: "While there is a lot of speculation about who, if anyone, is leaving the cast - viewers will have to tune in on Monday night to find out the truth."

Okay, fine. We'll do so. But only to give Dina a standing ovation when she walks away from the spoiled nuts jobs that surround her.


Sorry to see you go Dina..too bad they couldnt just get rid of the paranoid psychotic bitch Danielle..when she is on I go do something else..she is a waste of energy and I feel so bad for her poor daughters to have such a slut of a mother..I have one word for Danielle..THORAZINE..get some psycho!


Bravo to you Dina!! It shows you have a lot of class. It was very hard to watch that.


Good for Dina! I would never do a reality show. Ever. And I don't even have this kind of drama in my life. I wish her the best!

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