Devon James: Tiger Woods Knows He's the Dad!

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Sitting in third place and poised to make a run at his 15th major championship at the U.S. Open, this could be a Father's Day to remember for Tiger Woods.

Maybe he can even give the trophy to his love child with Devon James!

The porn star mistress who claims Tiger is the father of her 9-year-old son says he knows all about the kid, and even sent presents for the boy in the past.

Reports that he fathered a child with Devon James surfaced last week, courtesy of claims by the mistress herself, but were refuted by James' own mother.

Devon's mom says a DNA test disproves claims that Tiger is the father.

However, Devon says no such test exists, and went and filed a paternity action suit against Woods in which she demands a paternity test, on Thursday.

Kid kinda does look like Tiger. Just saying.

A rep for James tells us the filing shouldn't surprise Tiger, either, since she told him about Austin T. James (T is for Tiger, obviously) back in August 2008.

He even gave him some swag a month later, she says.

James' rep says Tiger Woods got Devon James got pregnant in 2000, and she didn't see the golfer again until 2006, when he paid $2,000 for a threesome.

At that time, she was scared to tell Woods about the kid because she "thought he would take her son away from her." Laughable, but the story continues:

They began seeing each other (naked) again from 2006-2008, the rep says, and James told Tiger about her son, and that he was the father, in August '08.

Tiger didn't really acknowledge James' claim, but when they saw each other a month later, Tiger brought golf clubs, a hat, and a bracelet "for your son."

Anyone buying it?


Tiger Woods is plannibg to marry Venus and Serena Williams


Anything for a buck huh??? Sorry maybe the daddy is a basketball player-yea like she would know LMAO!!! Nice try


It is amazing how a woman/mother can suddenly toss her own child out into the spotlight like this. At his age,he needs to be able
to have the adjustment of a young child,and that does not include
having a picture of him thrown about for the world to judge who his father might or might not be.Children have a hard enough time
dealing with their own age-related problems and insecurities without becoming the subject of conversation in the adult world.


Animals behave better than these people! Disgusting!


looks like the kid from meet the fockers, the love child of ben stiller & his


No end in sight concerning the Tiger saga. Just when you think that you have heard all news Tiger, along comes another woman with a 9 year old little cub in tow.This says more about the woman than it does about Tiger Woods. Just saying!!


If that's not his kid, well, sounds like Devon definitely has a type! Some other guy knocked her up and produced a kid that looks like Tiger Woods? Think about that.


I agree that the kid resembles Tiger Woods, especially because of his facial features and his eyes. The child’s mother and the media spread this rumor like a wild fire and put doubts on people's mind. Some media outlets later recanted and said Tiger was not the father. Why doesn’t the child’s grandmother end all the speculations and rumors by making public the DNA proof she claims to have about the child’s bio father? The media should also name and show a picture of the kid's real/bio father. Legal litigation/DNA testing may be the only way now for Tiger to stop these paternity claims, which most possibly will continue!!!


That kid looks part Arab. Bet she has no clue who the father is.


This story is so laughable and any website that posts is looking as stupid as the trashy woman. To wait 9 years to come after Tiger when even her own mother calls her a liar. It is time to move on and the tabloids need to get over Tiger.

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