Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas: The Outdated Photo Shoot

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The July 2010 issue of Teen Vogue is a collector's item. How come?

Because it features a lengthy photo shoot and interview with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas... even though these two broke up last month!

Fortunately, the singers remain good friends and got together for a second round of questions after their relationship fizzled. But it still makes for an interesting read when Lovato is asked how they originally got together and she replies:

"One night I asked him, 'What is the deal? We're perfect for each other. What are you doing?' And he was like, 'This is really awkward. I have to go.'"

Joe said he had to think it over, but returned to ask Demi out. Which would be a cuter story if the pair were still an item.

To the stars' credit, they are mature and open about their split. Says Joe:

"When I met Demi, I knew right away that our friendship was really strong. I don't want to lose that ever."

It doesn't sound like he will, although Lovato admits "I kind of learned throughout this whole experience that having my private life public isn't as awesome as it might seem."

Well, we'll leave you two alone, with the exception of the following montage of photos from your magazine shoot. They're too adorable to ignore:

Teen Vogue Shot
Looking Cute Together

u both r the perfect couple ever.. please turn to be a couple again


We are with you Demi


great,dashing and like wow.


I love this pictures Best Couple Ever I really miss them alot


Joe'z a FOX. he ownz a set of soft, squashable lipz


They look so super classy and adorable in this photoshoot. I begged for them to get together. But I'm actually okay with their break-up, although I wish they were still together. Love them both.


They do look like a classic couple in these photos and their children would probably be pretty good looking. Unfortunately, this Jonas brother likes dudes.




they're the best couple ever pls get back together!!

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