David Archuleta Debuts New Singles: What Do You Think?

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While Kris Allen received many birthday wishes yesterday, Lee DeWyze recently signed a record deal and Adam Lambert continues to make headlines, let's not forget about David Archuleta.

That former American Idol finalist has carved out a nice career for himself, establishing a rabid fan base, releasing two albums and promoting a book titled "Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance."

Archie performed in Idaho earlier this week and included two new singles in his set list: "Not a Very Good Liar" and "Parachutes and Airplanes."

It's unclear when David will release a new CD, but expect these songs to be included on it. What do you think of them?

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Really like the songs...my grand daughter will memorize them I'm sure. They're fun catchy and are stuck in my mind already. I guess that's what you want a song to do. "While I let me Go", a song David recorded but didn't make on album,was awesome loved the beat and the lyrics. Sad it wasn't on any album, but look it up it was really good. Yes I will definitely buy the new album cause I love his voice, plain and simple.


John - I am a huge Archuleta fan but I say when I don't like something. I was never a big fan of Touch My Hand though it made a good stage song.I did not like If I Could Only Be, a new song he cowrote and played recently. But I like Not a Very Good Liar and love Parachutes and Airplanes. Probably not single material but I would definitely want PandA on the album, even if it's in the bonus tracks. It's a good song. Happy and bouncy enough to please young people and musically complex enough to please adults. (I am the latter). It's very catchy too. It's a song that grew on me and now I definitely like it best of the two new ones. And it's been stuck in my head all week.


oops...I meant CFTH "single" (had singer on the brain, I guess!)


I like them both...can't hear all the words here so cannot speak to the content of the lyrics, but the melodies and hooks are nice pop, catchy, and David sounds great. The songs suit his voice with all it's free-spirited runs and riffs too. Honestly, and not just because I'm a die-hard fan...in fact, I AM a die-hard fan because he truly can sing anything and it sounds great to me.
That said...John's assessment is fair too...maybe these aren't the killer radio hit some feel David needs to really break new ground, but they are certainly album worthy. But I totally agree with him and probably ALL of David's fans in that....we don't know WHAT 19E/Jive was thinking not releasing Zero Gravity, which was a killer concert favorite and would have been a big radio hit, I think. (as well as don't know why they didn't release a CFTH singer either...like Pat-a-Pan.)
C'mon Jive...let's get with the program here!
Good job David....both hooks stayed in my head. Can't wait for more.........:)


I loved both of the songs! I couldn't get Parachutes and Airplanes out of my head yesterday...but I also really like the beat of Not a Very Good Liar. I hope David gets lots of the songs he has been writing or co-writing on his next album. Hopefully we hear news about his new single coming out soon!!!


I really like David, although I haven't been following his career. But I'm so glad to see he has such a nice big fan base and has a new album coming. He is so talented, such a great singer. I wish him loads of success -- looks like my wish has already come true!!


um... i mean Parachutes :)


I loved both songs. My favorite is Paracutes and Airplanes. I can't wait for the new album!!


I like "Not A Very Good Liar" the best but I do like "Parachutes & Airplanes". David can sing anything and I will like it!!


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