Danielle Staub Sex Tape Images: Oh, God, No!

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You've heard of images that were NSFW, right? Not Safe for Work?

Well, the following photos of Danielle Staub are not safe for work, wives, women, children or anyone that's eaten solid food in the last 48 hours.

They are (frightening, nauseating) proof that a sex tape starring this sad individual and Real Housewives of New Jersey star is in existence, and that she was a VERY willing participant in it.

It's seriously messed up stuff. We get it when a young woman (such as Paris Hilton... Kim Kardashian... Kendra Wilkinson...) seeking fame and riches takes the sex tape route. It's depressing, but it's also a fast, easy, guaranteed way to make millions.

But Staub is a 47-year old mother of two. Come on!

Danielle Staub Raw

This comes as no shock to anyone familiar with Staub, as her troubled past with drugs and intercourse is well-documented.

Co-star Jacqueline Laurita told TMZ she is "not surprised at all" that Hustler Inc. will soon release Staub's sex tape, adding: "I'd be very happy if [she] left our show... Why doesn't she just leave and go do porn?

"Danielle has total disregard for how [the tape] will affect her daughters' impressionable years."

Or the content of our stomachs, for that matter. If you think you can handle them, ogle images from the infamous Danielle Staub sex tape below. This is one O-face we could have gone years without seeing...

Danielle Staub Topless

Ray J who?!? Danielle Staub tops that amateur adult movie director by filming her own video... while topless!

Danielle Staub Topless Picture
Danielle Staub Naked
Danielle Staub Sex Tape Picture
Danielle Staub O-Face
Danielle's O-Face
Getting Cunnilingoused
Sex Tape Scene
Danielle Staub Nude

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You are not a sexy girl


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I didn't watch the "movie" but from the remarks maybe I better not. She may look like a horse (yup she does) but she also looks like Jafar from the movie Aladdin.


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its her choice if she wanna do porn stuff.at least shes bolder than those of us who do it in our fantasies.thumbs up mama


This person is the most classless person on TV. i have never heard anyone contradict themself more than she does. she is living in never never land and seems to not even recognize her actions. she denys everything she does but she cant deny this. this is sick and so is she. i hate to hear her speak let alone look at her. i feel so sorry for her children. i feel the state should step him in and take them away from her. the father would surely do a better job! and yes, i agree. she looks like a horse and has a terrible singing voice.




@Whatev Totally true!! haha!

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