CW Stars Face-Off on Red Carpet: Nina Dobrev vs. Shenae Grimes

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Nina Dobrev is a beautiful star on a fantastic series, The Vampire Diaries.

Shenae Grimes is a rail-thin actress on a mind-numbingly boring drama, 90210.

Based on those descriptions, you'd think the winner of this THG Fashion Face-Off would be clear. But you never know! Readers tend to do crazy things sometimes, such as defend Miley Cyrus.

Therefore, we've pitted these two CW stars against one another because both showed up on the red carpet of last night's MuchMusic Video Awards. What do you think of Grimes using a cross to make such a fashion statement?

And who looked prettier at the event?

Dobrev, Nina
Crossed Star

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Nina is awasome.she looksalways prety and hot on red u nina.


Darcy vs Mia again?


Nina is far from being rail-thin if you ever actually saw pics of her in a bikini. LOL Shenae Grimes is DEFINITELY the rail-thin one. And, she's not really that much taller either. She's only 5'6." That being said, I think her dress is anything BUT boring. It looks AMAZING on her, as does everything she wears since she is absolutely GORGEOUS and can pull anything off. Nina wins this contest hands-down. The Vampire Diaries is a fantastic show and 90210 should have never been reincarnated. Nothing will beat the original or even come close to it. Boring is right.


The Vampire Diaries is amazing! But 90210 is pretty good aswell! I think Nina looks amazing! She can pull anything of even the most boring dresses!
Miley Cyrus is amazing aswell!


The Vampire Diaries is the best show ever!!! I ♥ both Nina and Shanea Grimes!!! Nina is way prettier!!!


Nina! She looks awesome!


Nina is clearly rail-thinner and however much taller with a boring typical dress.
Shenae all the way rock gal!!!


Pffft, I love Miley Cyrus and 90210 ;)