Crystal Bowersox Signs Record Deal

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Here's to hoping Crystal Bowersox has the same success as last year's American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert.

Earlier this week, the unique, talented singer signed her first professional deal with 19 Recordings/Jive Records. Look for her to release a blues/folk/rock album later this year.

"I'm really grateful to be given this opportunity to make an album and let people hear my music, and I'm looking forward to working with all of the folks at 19/Jive," said Bowersox, who lost to Lee DeWyze on the season nine finale.

Fans can see Crystal, Lee and company in concert this summer, as the American Idol tour kicks off its 49-date run July 1 in Detroit.

Shining Down

I truly believe the voting is rigged!! The last 3 wks of the show, my neighbor and I would watch it together. He was for Lee I was for Crystal. We would call in our votes. The no. you call limited me to 3 calls then the recording would say "you have reached your limit!" As my neighbor gets all his votes in. I thought at 1st it was my phone. So I used my husbands phone. Same thing! So I believe they can "fix" the automated voting system to block votes.I had at the time asked several people I know that watched and kept up with american idol if they had same problem. 2 out of approximately 15 people had same problem. Limited to 3 votes. It doesn't seem like alot of difference in the numbers but it does when you stop and think how many people voted for her and could only get 3 calls in. so in all she was missing thousands if votes. I am curious at how many people out of the millions of fans around the world had the same problem.


Was there ever any doubt she would sign with 19? I mean, isn't every Idol champ and runner-up automatically tied with 19?


poor crystal....both of the finalists have a hard road ahead...maybe they can get enough out of it to pay a few bills....


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