Cover Clash: Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristen Stewart! Also Wants to Marry Her!

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Breaking news out of the tabloid world today, Twilight Saga fans:

Robert Pattinson has been dumped! Also, Kristen Stewart will soon dump Robert Pattinson!

First, a source tells Life & Style that the differences between the co-stars have become too much. The latter is simply too depressed too often, as "Rob says she complains about everything and is such a downer," according to the insider who added:

"When Rob was back in the U.K., he was totally fed up with Kristen and over it. He told her, 'We're done.'"


But don't fret, Robsten lovers!

While one tabloid reports "Rob feels he hasn't found his soulmate and is keeping his options open," Us Weekly says the exact opposite: Kristen is Rob's soulmate!

Hooray? Not quite. Apparently, Stewart is about to break Pattinson's heart, as their "tortured romance" is affected by her hesitation to get married. That's a shame.

So, what are Twilight fans to do about such conflicting cover stories? Send a message to these desperate publications and DO NOT BUY THEM. That's the only way they'll ever stop publishing such nonsense.

Seriously, purchasing BP stock is a better use of your money.


When all the Twilight saga films are done, Robert and Kristen will confirm that they're not together, They have a '' fake relationship'' they're friends but not lovers. Can't u see the difference between them, Rob is relaxed and have a sense of humor, Kristen is stiff and it would be easier to stop the oil leak than get her to unleash! Just realise they're NOT together! Rob has told many magazines that he and Kristen is not together, if the were together, why wouldn't they just tell the truth about it they wouldn't have anything to lose. And that's it, THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER! It's just publicity for the films! PUBLICITY!


i think that it is all lies and that they r soulmates!!!!!!!!!!!




rob you should of never broke up with kristen because u two really love each other and now u want to mess things up with u two i dont think so go back with her because you are really messed things up now and u dont even care do u well iam telling u to get back with her okay


Honestly....who cares about if they break up or have done broken up or if they r getting married???????? I DON'T!!!!!


srry the tko is meant to be to


Hes not gay.Also i finally think they are a couple just look at them on the magazine(the one says y shell break his heart).see they look 100% happy and 10% sneeky but that doesnt matter. So if they get married it would be the best thing ever if not get over. See if u get over it you might feel a little better like i did last night i woke up and said to my self it doesnt matter if they brokeup its thier life and if they didnt thats great but its not up tko all you to decide if they should breakup or not. unless they ask u to and i bet most of people would say for not for them to break up like me but thats what i think probly not for them maybe that dont feel the same anymore or the just want time alone from each other for little bit or something.Like i said it would be awsome if they dont breakup but it is up to them to decide what to do.


im so confuse are they getting marred or did they broke up.If they get marred that would be awsome if not that really sucks.


No, because you put so much intrigue at all, if you love because they enjoy it and nothing but being so that if young child feeding, they will end is odiandosen. I advise you enjoy so that you only live once in life. luck kisses and hugs and enjoy everything


come on that is not true they seem so happy if they have break up why before months when they was in uk and they traved to go in la with a friend they seem so happy and kristen was smiling and laughing, you think if they broke up that time she has smilled??

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