Coming Sunday: "Clean Slate Kate" Plus 8 ... Again

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Like parents across the country, Kate Gosselin enjoyed a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend at home with the kids. But it's back to reality TV soon!

With Dancing with the Stars now behind her, Kate's new TV effort is the revamped Kate Plus 8, which kicks off this coming Sunday, June 6, on TLC.

Dead Opossum Style

You know you missed her.

Fittingly, it's been exactly a year since Jon and Kate Gosselin split. Leaving her husband behind, the reloaded show will feature the single mom alone.

She's so excited to turn over a new leaf with the new Kate Plus 8, she's billing herself "Clean Slate Kate." We prefer "Irate Kate," but whatever works.

Didn't you miss your weekly Kate Gosselin fix?!

It'll be great to see those eight little faces back on screen in any case. No word if their trips to the child psychologist will be featured, or if Kate needs help parenting.

Will you watch the reloaded Kate Plus 8?


Absolutely will NOT be watching this show. Makes me sick to see her fake act on short bits of t.v. trash shows let alone a full segment of it. If she focused on the well-being of her children half as much as she does on her self-promotion, those kids would have one heck of a mom!


i am so incredibly sick of kate gosselin. she just needs to vanish from the public eye for a bit.


Why can't she take her kids and just GO AWAY!!!!!!!


she sucks i wont waste my time on her or her kids, i have more important thing to do than watch trash

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