Chris Brown Falls Off Wagon, Sofa

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Chris Brown turned 21 less than a month ago and wasted little time learning how to party - you could say that he's been falling over himself to hit the clubs.

So much so that he literally fell off the couch in a NYC club.

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“Chris was out at Greenhouse nightclub last night in New York City and got so wasted that he fell off the couch,” a club insider said. “He had to be picked up.”

Chris was drinking Ace of Spades champagne mixed with Patron tequila and hung out with rappers Lil Jon and Gucci Mane, which you know means trouble.

Before making it to Greenhouse around 2 a.m., Chris and his crew were over at Perfection strip club in Queens. “Girls were all over Chris,” a source said.

Girls were all over Chris. He was all over the floor. Literally.

“He wasn’t really too talkative and seemed pretty cocky and arrogant. He took off his shirt and danced in his tank top undershirt until the bar closed.”

Chris has received praise from the judge in his assault case for staying on top of his probation terms and completing 290 hours of hard labor to date.

Brown pummeled Rihanna absolutely senseless back in February 2009.

Last August, a probation order required Chris Brown to “abstain from all alcoholic beverages and from places where they are the chief item of sale.”

Lucky for Chris, the order has since been lifted and he is now 21.


i hope he don't become a damn alchoholic.....Lol!!!! but imstill a bigg fan!!!!


i hope he don't become a damn alchoholic.....Lol!!!!


Let this punk azz nigga fall. He needs to respect women because they buy his music. This woman-beating punk azz loser has no relevancy at all. Even Michael Jackson, God rest his soul, would be ashamed of him.


Chris brown is a 21 year old human and if he wants to have fun he can Chris Brown is the next Michael jackson!!!!


Chris brown is a 21 year old human and if he wants to. Chris Brown is the next Michael jackson!!!!


typo: seem to ignore that.


Jamie, Rihanna is the Termintor.


@Me Great Post! Speaking of Charlie Sheen, people seem to ignore what he did to Brittney Ashland. There was proof he beat her up, pictures were taking and he was charged, but people seen to ignore that, and his history. The guy who had no history, no bad press, no record gets treated worse than the ones(males and females) who have done it countless times, and never apologized for it. Rihanna is not God, she's not better than anyone else on this earth. I wish both would've told the whole story.


damn could this article be more biased? chris did not pummel her absolutely senseless. she wasnt in a coma and didnt suffer brain damage. even her own family said the injuries werent as bad as ppl made it seem. why do ppl keep talkin about the present chris with the past chris right in the next paragraph. if the article is supposed to be about chris drinking then fine but what is the point in bringing up the rihanna case? im pretty sure there are a million and one things u could be writing about other than something that happened over a year ago.


Even "pants on the ground" should cover your a-hole. Oh wait...Chris IS an a-hole.


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