Chris Brown Creeps on Playmate

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Just 24 hours before his emotional Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards, Chris Brown was searching deep within himself ... and the cleavage of Jenna Bentley.

At a Playboy Mansion party the previous night, Brown was apparently impressed with Bentley's assets, and according to an eyewitness, couldn't resist a squeeze.

The Kandyland party, which featured a special performance by Sean "Diddy" Combs in addition to naked babes, was held to raise money for the Karma Foundation.

Here's Chris with a little kandy of his own ...

Chris Brown, Jenna Bentley

Chris Brown has the golden ticket. [Photo:]


Ms.Linda, are you serious?!? Did somebody wipe your memory of anything negative of Chris Brown, or did you forget that the man destroyed his own goddamn life not too long ago. There have been many events where Chris has been "enjoying" himself far too much than a remoursful man who is trying to change for the better. The only reason why this particular situation is so disgusting is because it is a day (not even a week) before his alleged "act of redemption" by crying for the deceased Micheal Jackson. Publicity stunt to revive his career or not, I would be sure to think that he would be on his best behavior during the days before his Micheal Jackson tribute. And attending a party for Playboy playmates was not the smart way to prepare. (And yeah, it's a charity, but do you know how many charity events he could have gone to that didn't involve naked woman?)


for what i hear everybody was there lets see their picture who is behind this who everis behind this is going to fall hard trying to destroy a young man life who is behind this enough is enough


so what this isn't news stop acting like he is the only dude who goes to Playboy mansion he needed to chill and you guys are boring it isn't news let him be this is nothing but a random pic.


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