Chris Brown BET Awards Tribute to Michael Jackson: Tears Flow For the Man in the Mirror

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Last night's BET Awards featured lots of big names - Kanye West, Usher, T.I. - but perhaps the most talked-about performance came from Chris Brown.

The embattled singer, who has kept a relatively low profile of late, provided an emotional tribute to the late Michael Jackson, breaking down in tears.

Chris was introduced by Michael's brother, Jermaine Jackson.

After a lengthy performance featuring the sickest Michael-inspired dance moves you'll ever see, Brown took the mic to sing "Man in the Mirror" and lost it.

Nearly six minutes into the elaborate MJ homage, his voice cracked, he couldn't sing, and at one point he crumpled to the stage in apparent agony.

MAN IN THE MIRROR: For Chris Brown, that Michael Jackson hit took on an entirely different meaning as he paid tribute to his idol on stage at the 2010 BET Awards.

Coupled with the one-year anniversary of Michael's death, the moving moment was made even more so by the song's lyrics and Chris' recent past.

The 21-year-old returned to the stage later to apologize to his fans: "I let you all down before, but I won't do it again. I promise you," Brown said.

Say what you will about the guy and what he's been through, the performance was actually pretty cool and showed how MJ's music influenced him.

Was that really what it was about, though? Or was it about exploiting Michael's memory for some much-needed positive PR, as some fans have said?

Here's Chris Brown channeling Michael Jackson ...

Chris Brown's BET Awards performance was:


Yes, MJ was awesome but he's gone, it's over...let it go. The constant coverage, reminder etc is really getting old.


Chris did a great job with the performance (up until his whiney crybaby crap during "Man in The Mirror"). However, it's still not original. It's still someone basically copying someone else. PS - Can BET please get off of Michael Jackson's dee-ock. The channel didn't give two craps about him before he died and it seems like every month afterward they have some ridiculous tribute to him.


I get what people are saying about Chris. But even with all that went on with him it's hard to deny his talent. I think he did a great job and I hope that last night was a moment of clarity for him,(and not just pr). I also think if he really wants to honor Michael like he says,he will "make that change" and clean up his act. I for one hope he can!


I thought that the performance by Chris Brown was the best to date, Usher couldn't do it better, ne-yo neither...MJ was continuously put through the wringer for child molestation charges and his fans stood by him through the tribulations...why deny the fact that Chris Brown represented like the talented performer he is and he was emotional, it wasn't staged, we as so called human beings seem to always want to think the worst and harbour ill will, yet we frown on wars and murderers...double standards. Chris Brown is moving forward all the haters should too.


Well then thank Goodness James Brown is dead since he beat up his women his whole life.


BEAT IT might have been a more appropriate selection for Chris to cover


Chris Brown is a woman-beating punk and his crocodile tears did not move me in the least. Get that ghetto loser off the stage. As is typical, Jermaine (whose life now is all about exploiting his brother's fame) was the one who introduced Chris Brown. Both of these fame whores need to get real jobs, like at McDonalds; no one needs to see them on a stage.


That is easily the most pathetic, exploitive attempt at PR I've ever seen. Brown doesn't sing any of the songs himself, until the very end, where he happens to break down?!?
Trampling on MJ's memory might be more despicable than beating up Rihanna. Brown is an awful, awful human being who will do anything to revive his career.


never been a big fan of chris but that was pretty cool

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