Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller: About to Get Married!

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Carrie Prejean is about to get married.

Not to a woman, of course. That would be disgusting and against everything the bible tells us, according to the beauty queen.

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Instead, the disgraced former Miss California will walk down the aisle on Friday alongside someone she can truly admire: a busted first round NFL draft pick with a career passer rating of 70.6.

Multiple sources confirm that Prejean and Kyle Boller have blocked out rooms at the Grand Del Mar Hotel in San Diego this weekend, as they plan a lavish wedding that definitely won't include Donald Trump or any THG employee, after we ranked Carrie as the second-biggest Turkey of 2009.

Prejean and Boller got engaged in February.

Since then, we've heard little from the beauty queen that once told us how much God loves fake boobs and who blamed society for her sex tape.

We really miss her.


I'm happy for her too! She was very honest and the world was not prepared for a woman to stand up for what she believes in and not what everyone else believes in. She spoke her mind and WOW that was a shocker!!


I for one miss her. I think she was a breath of fresh air - honest and strong enough to stand up for what she believes...


I'm happy for her!!


I think everyone should leave Miss Prejean alone. If she thinks differently than some others on certain subjects she shouldnt be condemned for it. In my opinion shes suffered enough.

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