BS Report: Sandra Bullock Planning Baby #2!!

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If you thought the Kardashian girls had a monopoly on possibly fake baby news this week, think again: Sandra Bullock is reportedly planning for a second already!

At least according to In Touch Weekly!

While cheating husband Jesse James tries to worm his way back into her life by any means necessary (including guilty trips from his kids), Sandra's moved on.

She just adopted baby son Louis with James, but will raise him solo after divorcing his ass - and according to the magazine, Louis will be getting a sibling soon!

She's "planning a little sister," whatever that entails. Note how In Touch also teases "pictures of the baby." This means Louis, not his fictional, would-be sister.

Gotta love shoddy tabloid reporting ...

#1 IS ENOUGH: If Sandra Bullock were really pregnant or planning a second adoption already, we'd certainly be happy for her - but we'd also be extremely surprised.


I am beginning to think that Hollywood is becoming heterophobic with their constant pro-homosexual propaganda whether we in the mainstream like it or not!


She deserves to be happy! I love her too! Sandra seems to be a very genuine and warm person.


Sandra does not court publicity.When she was ready to tell her story,she went to a reliable source of truth, People Magazine. She gave a lengthy interview with pictures of her son. In Touch knows nothing about Sandra other than their own made up stories. Sandra has done a wonderful job of holding it all together,with the help of family and true friends.


AWWW I'm so happy for her! I love Sandra!

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