Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston: Back Together!

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Fake engagements, court battles, baby mama drama and sabotaging a former V.P. candidate in the press. That was the life of Levi Johnston for the past year.

Despite all of that, he and Bristol Palin just got back together!

The parents of 18-month-old Tripp are making it work after all, despite breaking off their engagement in March 2009 and a prolonged period of icy relations.

Things have thawed considerably between the young parents in recent months, and "Bristol and Levi are still very close," a source close to Bristol tells Us.

The eldest daughter to former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin is "on her own in Anchorage" and she and Levi "spend more time together than most people think."

The expectant parents before the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Asked for comment, Bristol Palin would say only that "Levi and me are co-parents of Tripp and we are actively working on being good parents together."

Levi added: "Nothing is more important than Tripp. We are taking active steps to cooperatively raise him, sharing the joys and challenges of parenthood."

Earlier this year, Bristol said Levi was "a stranger to me," while Johnston told Entertainment Tonight that the Palins were basically trying to cut him out.

Things have changed since then, the Bristol source says, noting that "Bristol is a great mom and cares for Tripp; [she] and Levi are raising him together."

We couldn't be happier. Hope she makes good at that new abstinence pledge, though - we know she can get pregnant, but give it a few years at least.


"Although his 15 minutes of fame is up, i would suggest Levi watch his back with that family. They definitely can not be trusted." Unhinged much?


TO Dreika: Please do not assume that WE all voted for Barack Hussein Obama I DIDN't and know plenty of people who also didn't. I do not believe all the horse shit the media feeds to us!


@Dreika And just what did the previous president accomplish?? Let's not forget the media involement in that crap. Learn how to be respectful, it's President Obama whether you like it or not.


That doesn't mean they are together. The media takes on , very small, piece of information and explodes it into any circus ring of gossip in hopes YOU all believe it and eat it up. Seems most of you did that. You are all also the same people who voted for Obama because the media convinced you he was a messiah and you ate that crap up to...geesh. Anyway, they are working together to raise Tripp, means only that. They are trying to get along and talk so that Tripp isn't affected by their dispute and bitterness growing up; many parents that split up do that for the best interest of their kids. It doesn't mean they are "hooking up" again...grow up media..and grow up the rest of you who want to believe sooooo bad.

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@Leigh - you obviously haven't read our coverage of Bachelor Pad then


who gives any thought too any of them


Although his 15 minutes of fame is up, i would suggest Levi watch his back with that family. They definitely can not be trusted. If i were him, i would let the courts get involved with the custody situation because Palin and her husband are batshit crazy. He should have learned his lesson from what happened to that statetrooper who used to be married to his sister.


I can't think of any two people on the face of the earth that I care less about.


I hope they try to work it out for the sake of there child. They are young and will have lots of issues but hope they keep in mind what really matters. I hope he is not in it for the money...All the best :)

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