Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Sneaking Around Behind Angelina Jolie's Back!?

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OMG ... Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together at last?!?!?!


You'd think at some point, Star could come up with some new stories, or at least put a new twist on the whole Brad and Jen thing, like a love child or something.

Instead, the tabloid's new issue gives us what we always get when they can't find anything else - anonymous claims that Jennifer Aniston took back what's hers!

Yup, at long last, America's Sweetheart has gotten revenge and stabbed the evil vixen in the back. Figuratively, of course. And by figuratively we mean not at all.

Backstabbing Jen!

BEHIND HER BACK: But for how long? Just wait 'til Angie reads this!

The cover teases an intimate encounter in Brad Pitt's private office, which sounds particularly hot, as well as calls, texts and e-mails. Jen just wants to start over!

Come on, people.

Angelina Jolie turned 35 last week, and as we said in our birthday tribute, you may hate her for breaking up Brad and Jen, but it doesn't make her all bad.

In fact, she's pretty awesome compared to most celebrities. Those reports of lies, drugs and lovers may make great headlines, but they're likely all BS.

She and Brad have been together for years now. We felt bad for Jennifer Aniston too, but isn't it time we put this behind us? Can't we all just get along?

At least until next week's issue of Star?


Why is it that most news about Jen, Brangelina is added or attach to the story? I can only guess I think without Brangelina attacb to Jen's story there will be no news to tell about Jen, obviously its going to be boring.


It was time for a new Brangelina made up story.Sellings lies ain't the same without Brad and Angelina on the cover. Jennifer can not do it by herself,or with any made-up boyfriend,so back to the same old no-picture-together of Brad and Jen. It is almost laughable that The Star continues to write these weak unbelievable stories about Brangelina.


Star is such a bull s..t mag go get facts!!! I pray that Brad and Ange star sueing the tabloid liar mags!!!!!!!!!!

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