Blake Lively or Katie Cassidy: Who'd You Rather ...

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When Melrose Place's ratings tanked so badly that the CW couldn't justify renewing it, the network did the next best thing and retained Katie Cassidy.

She's been cast on Gossip Girl this fall in a recurring role.

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Katie will play a love interest for Nate (Chace Crawford), who just split with Serena (Blake Lively). It's hard to trade up from that, but he may have!

Might Cassidy stick around and become a permanent addition? Some fans are already asking for it, but she hasn't even debuted yet, so we'll see.

The bigger question: which Gossip Girl beauty you'd rather ... you know. You do know, right? (NOTE: We don't mean rather have as your daughter).

Who would you rather ...


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I've noticed that the sfhaion/cosmetic/fragrance companies have shifted from supermodels to celebrities: Madonna for Versace, Scarlett Johannson for Vuitton, and Julianne Moore just did one with some sort of wild animal but now I've forgotten who the designer was.These are beautiful photos. I like the mirror shot best.


Blake Lively!!!! Love her


Katie is a great addition to the show, or any article at any time, for any reason, but look at that photo of Blake. Case closed.


Y'know, maybe you should just stick to trashing Miley cyrus.You don't seem to get much traffic and/or interest in anything else you post.Of course, if you do that, people might start noticing the bizarre obsession you have with trying to ruin a teenage girl's career and reputation.