Bethenny Getting Married Review: Oh, the (Scripted) Stress!

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Between a book signing, wedding preparations and a bachelor/bachelorette party, the script on Bethenny Getting Married called for Bethenny Frankel to act very stressed this week.


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    If the ratings hold up, Bravo will prabobly look at a spinoff for each of its Housewives series. It seems like they are stretching their ideas to thin. Does anyone remember when Bravo actually had arts and cultural programming? I guess that goes back to when A&E really meant arts and entertainment, and MTV actually stood for music television and played music. Next, History is moving away from history!Oh well, all the crappy programming on TV these days makes it really easy to turn it off.


    What The F*** Ever To Thd Moronic Loser Writing This Review. If You Want To Bitch And Moan About A Show Then Do Not Watch It. Your Probably Like 40 Pounds Overweight And Bald. Go F*** Yourself.


    I think sometimes she comes off harsh , but she is honest , funny, glib, inteligent and entirely watchable... love love love her show and hope for lots more episodes... having said that, I was on the fence but now love love love her and her sweet supportive hubby.. Go Girl,,,,, I for one want to watch one of us beleagered childred do well... and for that I say... Good for you!!!


    Regarding the underwear scene where she tells Matt to pack for her....The doctor told her she must rest 3 hours a day.

    She is hormonal...that's what happens to a woman's personality folks. She IS keeping it real. One cries, suffers anxiety, laughs...this is all done by a woman's hormones.

    To me, Beth is Lucy Ricardo and Jason is Ricky Ricardo. I love this show!! Beth and Jason are definitely in love, and I see them married forever.


    You know, gang, the cameras don't follow people around 24/7 and catch random moments.

    Remember when Kelly explained her behavior when she said, "I'm up here; you're down here"? She said she had had a big day that day, because she had had to film a "scene" earlier, and then a bar "scene" with Bethenny, and then a date "scene."

    It might not be tightly scripted, but the situations are certainly concocted. "Wouldn't it be funny if you asked your assistant to pack your underwear?"


    I'm a Midwesterner, and I am always amused by the way the New Yorkers (on these shows) "communicate."

    The split second Bethenny thinks she has deduced the point Jason is about to make, she shouts over him, expresses a complicated and contrary opinion, then says, "Go on. I'm listening." Then Jason says three or four words, and Bethenny shouts him down, only this time she agrees with him by barking, "Yes, right, of course, who cares?"

    Forget younger women, more beautiful women, and less needy women. Jason is going to dump Bethenny for the first woman who lets him finish a sentence.


    Don't you get it SHE'S PREGNANT NO WOMEN IS HER NORMAL SELF WHEN SHE IS PREGNANT.She is still Bethanny and after her baby born and she gets back to her normal hormonal self you'll see the girl we always have known in The housewives of New York. I love her no matter how she is she is quick witted and funny. It's nice to see a women be a women in all stages of her life... Good luck Bethanny with the marriage and baby.


    I absolutely love Bethenny's new show. LOVE IT.


    How come a single moron, sorry should have said women is on a TV show called HOUSEWIFES? And who cares if she is getting hitched.


    holy, I meant to say representitive not impersonater. I was trying to mulitask and it came out wrong. Although it does seem like a bad impersonator when I saw her in the past...

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