Bethenny Frankel Previews Own Reality Show

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Bravo is asking viewers to go back in time.

See, Bethenny Frankel is already married. Moreover, she's already given birth to a daughter. But that isn't stopping Bravo from thinking viewers will have an interest in watching how this all came aboard, as Bethenny Getting Married premieres tonight.

Bethenny at the VMAs

Sadly, the network is probably correct.

So, what will this spin-off be about? Frankel tells E! News one thing for certain: it will NOT feature any Real Housewives of New York City:

"It's not my life anymore. It's not a cliché when I say I don't believe in staying at a party too long... This is a time I really want people who are good for me, good for my family. I want clean energy and everyone to be happy."

Cameras will actually follow Bethenny into therapy, something she says was her idea.

"I need therapy [but normally] I don't have time to go. To be able to have therapy once a week [for the show], I run there. I don't even notice the cameras. It's a true depiction of my life, [and] I've learned a lot."

Wait - what?!? Bethenny needs psychiatric help... but doesn't have time to go unless it's for a show... and this is a true depiction of her life?!? That might be the least logical statement we've ever heard (and we've listened to Tila Tequila speak!).

In closing, Bethenny wants everyone to understand her better and says:

"I could have a C-section and not be on any pain medication, but if you give me too small a portion at the ice cream store I have a nervous breakdown. That's the kind of person I am."

And this is the kind of person people want to watch?


The show is boring and it's scripted. It's very dumb and she's just not interesting enough to watch an entire show around. eh'


Hilton Hater, loved your comments. I'm with you, & IMO, she's as b@tchy as the rest of RHONY - just more cunning about it. Recently read she's blaming her apparent upcoming bridezilla BGM scenes on her pregnancy. I SO knew she'd play that card. She'll milk that excuse for all it's worth (no pun intended). @Sue - Omg! I just saw your EXACT post on another site. I called you out then, I'll call you out now. GIVE IT A REST. Looks like you were frantically copying and pasting on June 10th to try and bully others not to leave anything but positive comments on Beth. So effing ridiculous. Get a life.


Bethenny alone: Not interesting enough to watch.

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