Anna Gray, Shannon Price Battle Over Gary Coleman

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The saga surrounding the tragic death of Gary Coleman continues to become more bizarre by the day, with two former loves now locking horns over him.

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    Ex wives get nothing unless noted in the will. And the whole thing is shady. She wanted him dead mighty fast and against his wishes

    Terrible taste in women.


    Poor fella can't even get a break even after his death!It's despicable.


    Look at the expression of Gary's face in these photo's. Shannon is the smiley one, looks like she has just been on a shopping spree at Gary's expense.....
    I hope the court can see through the fact that Shannon is a manipulative person who had him write a will after only being married one week to him. I pray that Anna will be the person in charge of the estate.


    This is all too silly! He probably is getting more publicity now than he ever could even have paid for in life.....Here is a guy that hasn't been heard from in years in any kind of major acting role and a person who was really done with show biz at the end of the series he was many years ago? The only thing the public has heard about Gary Coleman since is all negative, trashy loser stuff.....GEEZ!


    Wouldn't suprise me if she did kill him and I bet the police are looking into her. The whole thing stinks to high hell!! Way too much evedence to not suspect her. WHAT A CUNT!!


    Shannon is a fucking bitch, please go on and listen to the 911 call she made when Gary was dying, at 1:58 you can clearly hear Gary saying: why did you push me? i`m serious, and it's really sad because it was no accident, and to abuse a short person like him..and even to kill him...that's really sick.. she should be in jail right now.


    Where was Shannon's "hand written" will when the original will, that was prepared by an attorney, was being filed in probate? Isn't it convenient that once she realized she was being shut out, she produced a "hand written" will? The courts need to throw that GOLD DIGGER to the wolves.


    I am so happy that anyone other than Shannon can now call the shots and she really has no say. Thanks GOD!! Anna seems to be more considerate and will carry out Gary's wishes. Shannon needs to butt out and deal with it!!


    Anna was actuall cute - talk about trading down, Gary!


    $$$$$$hannon may have loved Gary in her own way,but $$$$he was not in love with him.They were married less than 5 years, ended up on a two-part segment of Divorced Court, and still ended up being divorced when he died from a fall.By all indications, their marriage was based on the co-pendency of can't live with you, can't be without you.That little piece of paper goes a long way in determining matrimony,and $$$$hannon's piece of paper got lost via the road of divorce.How can she be his wife in death, but not be considered his wife during the last moments of his life??

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