Angelina Jolie Lies, Drug Use & Secret Lovers to Be Revealed, Break Brad's Heart!

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoyed a relaxing weekend at a Malibu party as their kids played in the beach. It seemed so idyllic ... but is there trouble on the horizon?

Star would certainly have you believe so, and if there's one magazine whose stories you can take to the bank, it would be any existing publication other than this one.

Brad, Threatened

Supposedly, a tell-all by Andrew Morton will "blow the lid" off Angelina's scandals and secrets - drug use, other men, lies, being a psycho control freak and the like.

Is the movie star's carefully-cultivated image about to come crashing down? Will she be exposed as the evil, home-wrecking victim who ruined Jennifer Aniston?!

Probably not, but it'd make for good reading material.

Okay, the rest of that stuff we can maybe see. But cutting and voodoo rituals? Really? Angelina Jolie is a drug and sex fiend who dabbles in the occult and self-mutilation?

Morton insists he's got the real scoop: “I interviewed dozens of her friends and associates, and they told me some fascinating facts about Angelina."

“She will have to wait to find out what’s in it.”

If it were her own life, wouldn't she already know? Not if it's a work of fiction. The book hits shelves August 3, and “Angie is completely panicked.”

Hopefully this doesn't put the kibosh on Brangelina getting married for the kids. We hear they really want them to tie the knot and make it official.


it is all rubbish, angelina jolie is a good mom and a great wife. so stop making up about her. love u angie!!!!!!


Brad knew about Angelina as they are in the same industry. His past life rivals hers so they are a match. They'll be no hearts broken and this book is just a rehash of what Angelina has told the press over the years.....


I guess the celeb gossip mags will never get old of gossiping about Angelina do they? Ugh. Just get over her already, she obviously still going on well with her life despite what you guys are trying to still bring her down. Find someone else to gossip about Star!


she is not gonna care about this book! This so called author andrew morton and along with star are tab rags with made up stories!!!!


Angelina has spoken out in numerous interviews about her self-harm during her teenage years. Do your research.


Aren't Star magazine articles almost always made up??

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