Angelina Jolie is Even More Awesome

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She's the target of such salacious gossip from tabloids - just last week, we reported on how Brad Pitt is supposedly sneaking around behind her back - but when it comes to the facts, there are few celebrities as upstanding as Angelina Jolie.

She lives a private, family-oriented life, donating millions of dollars and countless hours of time to charity every year. This is a woman who's visited Haiti, opened a school for refugees in Afghanistan, toured war-torn Bosnia, and so on.

Her latest project?

As the UN Goodwill Ambassador (below), this week she visited women who fled conflict in Colombia to start a new life on the other side of the Ecuadorian border.

So much of what we report on is either scandalous or depressing. Once in awhile, it's refreshing to report on a celebrity who does so many good things.

We just wish there were more like her ...

Keep up the good work, Angelina.


I agree with Barbie and Really Tired, Angelina is grand-standing. I used to like her a lot before she hooked up with Brad Pitt - now she just seems to be about the celebrity. I don't care for Angelina at all.


We know what happened to Brad Pitt's beard, winky wink.
It went to Ecuador! This is sooo delicious. Where did Brad's beard go? Not under the table, not in the fridge, not in the trunk and not over the bridge.


Angelina Jolie supporters just can't get no satisfaction. Angie is a blood drinking voodoo casting husband stealing grand stander - do you know what that means ignorant Angelina sheep? It's when you take a grave injustice and the plights of vulnerable people and make it all about YOU. Her behavior is pathetic, egotistical and unforgiveable!! If you ever grow a brain, think about it. I hope all the Angelina supporters' husbands leave them for blood drinkers too. You deserve it, and I mean that. The comment board proves that Angelina Jolie supporters are just as dark and filled with poison as the empty hearted idol they adulate. I bet Angie eventually loses her mind... she's already one grape short of a fruit basket. You guys are whinier than a bunch of post-coital, only about half as funny. Also bear in mind that using anti-feminist, misogynous stereotypes reflects your experience, not mine. GOOD SCHMUCKS.


never saw a camera she didn't like. i'm not saying she's a gold digger no no. there are a lot of people who visit the poor, the homeless, who adopt, contribute WHO DO NOT SEEK PUBLICITY. it's what you do when no one is watching.


angie has a new movie coming out so here we go with the charity! we already saw how her pr team put jennifer back in going behind angelina's back lol - no one really wants brad anymore - he is so yesterday -----angelina's little puppy dog! bradley cooper and gerard butler have taken his place in his age group! then the party were the only photos taken angelina, brad, and the two older boys! sad! still selling the past, the children and charity for personal gain! however, angelina is a beautiful woman physically. personally liked her until she hooked up with brad - then she became the liar and has totally lost who she is. angelina response to the tabloids to dictate her behavior - now touching, remembering and etc.... go back in look - doing the pr thing!


hate to say but to those such as barbie idiots, they should be limited; they should be put in the "home".


You saw the Barbie character in the movie Toy Story 2? Well, you are that kind of Barbie, a brainless Barbie...


OK, so when has wearing a locket with a drop of blood in it equate to drinking blood? Voodoo? Sure, Pitt never would have left Aniston if there weren't a spell on him, would he? Pure evil? Like Hitler? Can see Barbie is straight from the Ian Halperin website where she's accused of being a drug mule (somehow the corsica trip with shiloh was really a drug run), was never pregnant (just had breast implants, than had them removed), and is really an alien from another galaxy here to take over earth (OK, I just made that one up). I know aniston has played the "poor me" scenario for yrs to stay relevant (as she has no discernable talent or looks) but am still surprised by the idiotic vitriol directed at this wonderful woman, wife, mother, talented actress, and dedicated humanitarian.


Barbie get over it. We all have pasts and she was young when she was with Billy Bob Thorton and finding her own way. Which she has done and in a fantastic way. Why don't you go to the UNICEF site and read her personal journals from her trips (that she doesn't publish for money), then read her book about her trips that is published and all of the profit goes 100% into helping others and not a dime goes into her pocket. Quit being so ignorant! Jealous much of someone who actually gives a crap about others and does not ask for the publicity on it! What they reported in here is a mere scratch to the surface of what she has been doing over the years and has literally put her life at risk to do it. I wish many more people were like her and many were less like you.


Angelina Jolie is a blood drinking, voodoo spewing, home wrecking psycho. Her so called interests in humanitarian work are so well publicized to enhance her own self. How degrading to use vulnerable children and refugees to bolster your image. Angie is pure evil. Karma is a she-dawg and so is Angelina Jolie. She looks more and more plastic each and every day.


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