Angelina Jolie is Even More Awesome

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She's the target of such salacious gossip from tabloids - just last week, we reported on how Brad Pitt is supposedly sneaking around behind her back - but when it comes to the facts, there are few celebrities as upstanding as Angelina Jolie.

She lives a private, family-oriented life, donating millions of dollars and countless hours of time to charity every year. This is a woman who's visited Haiti, opened a school for refugees in Afghanistan, toured war-torn Bosnia, and so on.

Her latest project?

As the UN Goodwill Ambassador (below), this week she visited women who fled conflict in Colombia to start a new life on the other side of the Ecuadorian border.

So much of what we report on is either scandalous or depressing. Once in awhile, it's refreshing to report on a celebrity who does so many good things.

We just wish there were more like her ...

Keep up the good work, Angelina.


Have to agree with Barbie here-anyone that can see through Angelina's fascade...more power to you. It is ALL for publicity - just like her relationship with Brad - she is narcisstic, with borderline personality disorder (a real nutjob), and everything is all about ANGELINA -- this has nothing to do with actually helping anyone - you have all been DUPED...haha...stupid Celebrities - empty shells with nothing inside...


for all you people who are not familiar with charity work.....UNHCR has cameras follow Angie to BRING ATTENTION TO THE REFUGEE SITUATION!!! get it...half the people in this country wouldn't know about refugees if UNHCR didnt have Angie and cameras weren't following her!!! it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. she has also opened countless schools, orphanages, wildlife refugees, hospitals..all over the world that arent publicized...there is a reason for cameras when they are there...and as for and Brad have been helping New Orleans for years...and it's very probable done a lot people don't know about because they only publisize what needs to get out to the public awareness......get a grip!!




What about about all the money she and BRad donated to New Orleans, helping rebuild it. Or maybe New Orleans is no longer part of America. She doesn't seek publicity. She uses her fame and the cameras to draw attention to worthy causes. Angelina Jolie is amazing. Maniston fans should get over Brad already. Hes never coming back.


Angelina Jolie wants people to believe that she is this wonderful human being - generous to a fault - always donating money/time - but did you ever think about where she normally donates her time and money - everywhere except U.S.A. She adopts from foreign countries even though we have children here that she could adopt and give wonderful lives to - she is always somewhere else working to make their lives better - why not put some time in U.S.A. where she earns her money from - I am sick of these celebrities, singers, whoever that think that they can help out everywhere except where their money comes from - I also think it is horrible that she drags her kids all over the world and doesn't let them get stable. I don't care what she says, she is going to regret doing that - those kids are going to have problems in the future, possibly now, we just don't know because she only puts out there what she wants people to know.


I have been reading a lot about Angelina I really love her and her family .She is just a great person, a loving mother, the best actress for any roll ,I am really suprise why you Americans keep on critizing her, never appreciate the charity and donation ,helping people ineed.Brad pitt has get over with his ex wife over 5 years ,so come on Sally ,Brad has got a big family and i'm sure he respect and love Angi and this is what a good man want in life FAMILY-----


She is awesome! She's actually doing charity while other stars are lending their name to "charity" work as tax incentives and holding smart water!


Ugh. You can keep "Saint" Angie.


I'm not impressed with Angelina Jolie, or with her apparent supporters. Keep it classy people.


I think these comments are hateful and rude - Kill Barbie, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is a free a country and if you don't like a person's view it is not acceptable to threaten to kill them! You are no better than a terrorist. Kill Barbie is an angry, hatefilled, superficial demon.


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