Amanda Bynes Retires from Acting

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It's a very sad day in Hollywood: Amanda Bynes has retired from acting. We'll give you a moment to collect yourself...

In a series of Tweets today, the 24-year old actress wrote:

Bynes Pic

Being an actress isn't as fun as it may seem. If I don't love something anymore, I stop doing it. I don't love acting anymore, so I've stopped doing it.

I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I've #retired.

Bynes has not starred in a movie since 2007's Hairspray. She anchored her own sitcom, What I Like About You, from 2002 to 2006.

Will you miss Bynes on TV and in films?


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Wow. Been this long since she starred in a freaking movie!? Well now she got a dui something is going on. Remeber her show on nickelodean?


awwwwww .....,shes so amazing talented and funny and beautiful ,its trajity that shes going away ,and i think that im speaking on behalf of all ur fanns we love u soo much and will miss very much !but keep in touch and tell us whats ur plans !:)


She is so funny, loved her movies, great accress, going to miss her lots.


Good for beyond Hollywood. Good for her, she will be a success at whatever she chooses to do in her life, this decision just proves she has a great head on her shoulders. There really are a few who have walked away from this glitz and glitter. It would be nice to see an article on those who chose to take another path. Kudos to this young woman and the best wishes for her. This just makes my day very good.


I think it will be okay. She is a young woman that wants to experience what else life has in store for her. If I could tell her anything, I would tell her, "Life is about much more than red carpets and fancy clothes. Live every moment like anything could happen."


I haven't seen much of Amanda Bynes work, I think she did pretty good in Big Fat Liar, and in Robots but other than that I havent really watched her in anything I thought her Amanda Bynes show was pretty stupid as are most of the Teen Nick Series, and from what Ive seen of her previews for other movies she only did slapstick over the top juvenile comedy.


actually she is taking advantage of a situation few have... not many can just quit their job and go looking for something fulfilling because they want to. she has gotten the acting bug out of her system now she can pursue her life work.. i don't think its dumb...but rather quite wise.


What a dumbass! She has a career that anyone would dream of having yet she wants to retire because she doesn't like it???
Well, I hope you enjoy working at a gas station because there isn't a whole lot of job openings elsewhere.


She actually last starred in Sydney White… not Hairspray


too bad! she is so much fun! or at least she had made her characters funny..