Ali Fedotowsky Plays it Koi

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The insanely cute star of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, was seen carrying - what else - roses outside Hollywood's famed Koi restaurant this weekend.

Appropriate, given her coy remarks about how the season plays out.

Unlike Jake Pavelka's in-season comments (e.g. "I'm engaged!" or "I'm on cloud nine!"), Ali only vaguely talks about how she's happy with her decision.

Keeping her cards close to the vest? Possibly. Putting the best possible spin on the fact that she doesn't choose either of her final two suitors? Possibly.

The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted have plenty more on the subject if you're interested, but the Massachusetts native remains tight-lipped for now.

Ali Fedotowsky resumes her quest for love tonight on ABC ...

Who, if anyone, will Ali Fedotowsky choose on The Bachelorette?


i hope ali does end up with jake. they were pefect from the very begining


Where did you get your info, Nicky?


Ali in the end will end up with Jake. That will end up the shocker of the season. Now that she knows Jake and Vienna are done, that will throw this season final to the best one ever. Jake realized he loves Ali, maybe a little late but I think that is why he did jilt Vienna. I hope Bachorette will not dissapoint....It is Jake who will walk on the set right before she makes her choice. Roberto is hot but he is not the man she truly loves.


This just end, she picks Roberto!! Right now they are playing it cool with the media not giving nothing away and keeping their distance but the cats out of the bag and Ali and Roberto are a couple.

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