Ali Fedotowsky Nude Photo Scandal, Patrick Hammon Hookup Alleged

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Millions of viewers felt sorry for Ali Fedotowsky on this week's shocking episode of The Bachelorette after Justin Rego's cheating ways were exposed by his girlfriend.

But away from the cameras, is Ali as genuine and sweet as she appears?

“She isn’t as innocent as she seems,” Justin Rego himself tells In Touch.

While she portrays herself as a romantic longing for the man of her dreams, sources close to Ali describe her as a fame-seeking party girl with dirty secrets.

In addition to a nude webcam photo scandal alleged by In Touch and Star this week, Ali has supposedly been dating Patrick Hammon since the show ended.

Dirty Secrets

Is Ali Fedotowsky dating Patrick Hammon and/or posing nude for webcams?

The dating rumor is interesting given The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted, but the naked pics? We have serious doubts. She just doesn't seem like the type.

In Touch and Star picked up a story from blogger Zack Taylor claiming Ali Fedotowsky posed for some very steamy Webcam shots. There's only one problem:

"The woman in her underwear is not Ali," an insider tells Us Weekly (which, it's worth noting, is running its own slew of potentially bogus Ali stories this week).

As for Patrick Hammon, he tells In Touch, “We are absolutely not dating, we are just friends,” a source close to Ali insists that she hooked up with the guy.

“Right when she got back from filming and even before she left," says the source of The Bachelorette star. “They’re not so serious, but they’re having fun.”

“He’s good looking and has a great career. He’s smart.”


i like nude photos


You know Ali is a slut and should not be getting all the attention, she sure put her tongue down alot of throats during her time on the show. Guess what folks ....I heard how it ends....well Chris ask her to marry him, she says no and she doesn't pick roberto either...the end....slut...just got what she want some fame on tv....


Also Ali dosn't know what she wants except to hit on every man that comes her way. Such an opportunist!!!!! Such a fickle little girl. An embarassment to women who really want good relationships. Go back to facebook Ali!!!!!!


This show is getting boring. If I hear the word "amazing" one more time I'm going to barf. It seems that everyone on the newer shows are just out for the travel and their chance at some bid for tv or hollywood. At least stop repeating people as the bachelors from the previous series. No more helicopters. Or just forget it...I will not be watching anymore.....BYE


The most gorgeous men on last Bachelorette were Robert and Justin.
This is the fact. It was visible from the beginning that Justin
got confrontation from the other men on the show. Compare him and
Frank...The motive for this is JEALOUSY.Original jealousy. Justin is gorgeous. Ali needs to wipe her fake upseting tears. Why she was so ready to beleive Justin's girlfriends?? Those girls didn't affraid to drop him WHICH IS MEAN THAT THEY ARE NOT REAL GIRLFRIENDS, BECAUSE AFTER WHAT THEY DID- JUSTIN NEVER EVER WILL BE WITH THEM. OBVIOUS.
This is jealousy too. And everything what did happen on show with Justin is not honor for the show producers. About Ali. I didn't like how she acted with Justin. She could ask him question privatly first of all and secondly- everybody on the show had girlfriends. It's normal. And Ali had Jake absolutely recently. Even wanted merry him. So, Ali, wipe your tears.


i'm sure a friend would never do that, some jealous unknown is probably spreading the rumors.


Thank you for sharing .


Yeah i'm not sure about the dating part but I don't believe the photo's. I'm sure a small town friend made it up for a little fame


seeing as one of the rumors going around is that she picks no one on the finale it would make sense that she's dating someone, at least possibly. i doubt the pics are real though.

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