Ahead on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami: Scott Disick Nude, Angry, Scripted

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We've gotta give credit to the writers of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

After season one of this "reality" show concluded, they clearly came to a realization: Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have the combined personality of a piece of pocket lint. They're more boring than an episode of 90210.

That's why producers have told Khloe to get pregnant, at least a baby would spice things up. It's also also why season two of this E! series will focus on Scott Disick. Kourtney's baby daddy knows how to deliver the drama!

Case in point: the alcohol-fueld tirade he goes on in the preview below, which tabloids claim led to a split between Kourtney and Scott. There's just one problem: this footage was filmed months ago, meaning we already know the outcome: Kourt and Scott are just fine.

The same can't be said for people that actually tune in watch this entirely scripted nonsense...


I love his cock,its wow,he is my all in all


I love Roger Garth ! he's soo hot!


Hopefully if you turn off the TV Camera's they might become halfway decent parents.


i think everyone should just go back to there lives and leave the Kardashians alone there just going to continue making shows so fuck it i say just fuck it its entertaining anyway


i think Scott should get more naked he's so hott and i want to c that big dick of his


I love the photo of Scott in the o.r...he was probably just having his butt liposuctioned..But seriously, to play upon a drunk abuser for ratings is dispicable. They all need to just go away.


Everything was doomed when she got prego, and then decided to keep the devil's child. Omg point blank. Not sure if I'll tune in for this mess, tho it's good drama..


This whole thing is just stupid. They shouldn't be allow to have kids, ugh!


Exactly what I think...that POOR baby.


That poor baby

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