Adam Lambert Tweets Shaved Head, Top Hat Look

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In his new music video, Adam Lambert seems to pay tribute to the Mad Hatter.

In a newly-posted Twitter pic, though, the singer appears to pay tribute to a formerly mad celebrity: Britney Spears.

Lambert has shaven at least part of his head, as evidenced below. He's covered his noggin with a top hat for now, though, a style he'll show off this summer across North America on his new tour.

Do you have a ticket for it yet? And what do you think of this unique look on the unique crooner?

An Intense Look

for real tho..YAY!!I knew you be here first!!you are so loyal, its so sweet to see. let celebrate our obsession together!ADAM!! I like it, I'm glad he keeps it interesting!


boy george...shavedsides, top hat,side ponytail,make-up....over-accessorized look....charma chameleon look out, glambert wants to be original like gaga!!lol

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