Adam Lambert Debuts Hairstyle, Asks Toronto: Whataya Want From Me?

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After Tweeting a photo of his head partly shaven, Adam Lambert officially debuted his unusual new hairstyle at last night's MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.

The unique look helped Lambert become the talk of the red carpet, which is saying a lot when Perez Hilton shows up in a panda-themed suit.

Concert-goers around the country will have a chance to view Lambert - and his flowing, lopsided locks - in person, starting tomorrow night in New York City when his Glam Nation tour begins. For now, we're just asking readers to sound off on his appearance:

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Adam's New Hair

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What do you think of Adam Lambert's haircut?

Adam also took to the stage in Toronto. Check out his latest rendition of "Whataya Want From Me" below.


grow up all of you


Adam beat out some heavy hitters for the award that he won. I wonder why that isnt mentioned in the title of the article? Is the hair really the most important thing about him? I dont get that. He is multi talented and certainly does not ever need autotune, like others you have mentioned.


Why don't you write an article about Justin Bieber's little boy hairstyle and little boy voice instead of always picking on Adam lambert?


News Flash: Adam's Glam Nation Tour started on June 4th, not on June 22nd in New York City. I saw him and his wonderful concert in Columbus, Ohio on June 14th and he rocked it. His show is sold out all over the country and they are still adding more days to his tour because people are going crazy over Adam and whatever hairstyle he wears from day to day because he looks good in anything and is the most talented artist out there right now! Yes, how about mentioning the international award this international superstar won instead of always trying to cause a controversy?


An article about his hair instead of his award. And you call yourself a reporter. Adam would look good in anything. But really, what a great...... singer he is. I'm glad someone is finally recognizing his talent. He has earned this MuchMusic award. Have been to his Glam Nation concert & I'm going again. Can't get enough of him.


How about mentioning some news like he won the Favorite International Video Award. Sometimes I think I could do a better job of reporting than some of you so called reporters out there and I am just a teacher.


How lame is this reporting? His hairdo? He won the Fav International Video Award over GaGa, Swift, Cyrus, and Ke$ha. Could you possibly have reported that, or is that, like, too newsy for you?


Love his hair, boots, outfit and his amaing vocals. Congrats to him on his win!


if you stand him next to his guitarist, you have a full head of hair (Cruella DeVille style), or switch them around and you get a bi-colored mohawk!! So many things that the Flock of Seagulls would like credit for, this is


Adam has a new what? Why arent you writing about how he won an award, beating out people like Gaga? I guess I dont get all the attention about the hair....what's the big deal? His singing is much more important.

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