Was Miley Cyrus Censored on Dancing with the Stars?

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The cage was out. The feathers were in full effect. And Miley Cyrus pretty much replicated her "Can't Be Tamed" music video on Dancing with the Stars last night.

But did the singer go too far?

Totally Tameless

Around the one-minute mark below, a female back-up dancer sidles up next to Miley, is dipped by the singer - and then the camera cuts away suddenly just as Cyrus leans her face down toward this female companion's neck/cleavage.

Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC, which is the same network that barred Adam Lambert from the air for awhile after his raunchy AMA performance. Might Miley now be in trouble with the network, and any of her conservative fans?

Judge for yourself:

She Can't Be Tamed
All Feathered
Miley On DWTS
The New Miley Cyrus
Like a Bird

for real tho- you a so very confused, aren't you


Miley did such a great job !
she looked so gorgeous &' she sang amazing !
she's the most talented girl in the world! and she shouldn't stop singing!! she's awesome, she rock my world hardd ;D
keep on rocking Miles ;b' ♥


wow THG, you just made the stupidest accusation I have ever seen in my life.


You people that say Adam is raunchy need to get your heads out from under the rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! good grief~! you watched one performance of his that was over the top and lable him forever! get over it! try watching one of the awsome performances on Letterman, Leno, Oprah, Ellen, the View, and many live performances NOT RAUNCHY, come on he is 28 not 17 and Justin Bieber can grab his _____ all the time, and Miley, I say go for it, Adam was just on Ellen today and was fantastic listen to his voice and he never ever lip sings a song. Miley is following a trend which does include Adam Lambert and Lady GAGA! so be it.


Yes, yes, yes, it is like she is trying to pull a Adam Lambert ( which no one but Adam can do) Adam is phenomenal! Miley is good, I really kinda like the video, glad she is taking on some Adam and she does it well. Not a little girl anymore, she needs to branch out and experience more, but I hope I never hear her knock Adam again for his theatrical elements!! she has before.


Jeepers...like Gaga and Lambert are original. Dancing while singing or vice versa has been done since Gene Kelly's time, FYI. Madonna, Lauper, Britney have done it. And theatrical gimmicks are needed by those who won't get any attention otherwise. Miley wants to experiment with her style, so be it...no big deal. Almost everyone is doing it.


at 1:08 u can sorta see something and at 1:10


does anyone feel miley cyrus is trying to act like adam lambert? the feathers and all?


There a lot of things I could say to defend Miley, but what bugs me the worst is people harping on her age. I will bet you money she will be married within 18 months! Go Miley!


She's just a kid....and does not belong in the sexual pop star world. I like her little raspy voice, she's cute and it's sad to see her wholesomeness gone and this manipulation of her image/career being so jaded. The pressure on her showed in her face. Hate, hate, hate to see the music mongrels use this fresh faced kid up. I hope we don't see her wasted on drugs, shaving her head and trying to have a normal life after being chewed to shreds. Ah, what price fame........


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