Was Miley Cyrus Censored on Dancing with the Stars?

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The cage was out. The feathers were in full effect. And Miley Cyrus pretty much replicated her "Can't Be Tamed" music video on Dancing with the Stars last night.

But did the singer go too far?

Totally Tameless

Around the one-minute mark below, a female back-up dancer sidles up next to Miley, is dipped by the singer - and then the camera cuts away suddenly just as Cyrus leans her face down toward this female companion's neck/cleavage.

Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC, which is the same network that barred Adam Lambert from the air for awhile after his raunchy AMA performance. Might Miley now be in trouble with the network, and any of her conservative fans?

Judge for yourself:

She Can't Be Tamed
All Feathered
Miley On DWTS
The New Miley Cyrus
Like a Bird

she's really trying to shed off the teeny bopper image. i hope some of the people who against it would realize she is growing up. and please enough with the role model thing, she's almost 18, leave it to disney to find another miley cyrus. oh, i congratulate her for her tranformation. i am not a huge fan of hers but somehow we have to give allowances to artist like her who never fails to entertain. if you dont like her move on to another. it's not like somebody's forcing you to watch her. she will stay for now because some people or fans want her around, until the next sensation comes along. lighten up!


i guess miley cyrus turn to get racey her lap dance at 16 was bad.but, don't say she's a bad rool model for kids does she due drugs? is she wrose then adam lamberit abc should band janet jackson and justin timberlake get over it she is not that bad i loved it!


Seriously?! America is SO overreacting about this Miley-fuzz. Why don't you all put a burqa on her? You're actually annoying every other coutry in the world. "OMG, she's a bad rolemodel!". Shut up! She's almost 18 for crying out loud. Here in Europe some people get drunk in the age of 13, sleeps with randoms in the age of 14 and don't care about anything. Soo if you think about it, she's a GOOD role model. Stop blaming Miley for your children growing up and doing bad things. I wouldn't care if people saw me as a rolemodel, I would't even try to act like a 14-year-old at the age of 17/18. Get over yourselves. So what, she's wearing a hotpant, feathers and shaking what she's got. She's acting like a normal teenager. "Did the singer go to far?" Maan, shut up.


she wasnt checking out the dancer, she was just banging her head up and down. if THG wants to make her look bad just keep on writing articles about her semi-nude pics, and even they arnt proper cuz her personal life was invaided by peados and pervs! :)


OMG! Are you people crazy! She is the WORST singer ever! In this video she is so trying to pull a Lady Gaga/Britney Spears but the result was a feathery slutty mess! I don't know WHAT her parents say about this but I wouldn't be surprised if they were okay with it, think of all the money she must earn for that slutt-fest! She is trying to grow up but in the worst way possible! Anyone here seen the music video for that song? Well if so you may notice that in the video if her dress had any more cleavage and was any shorter it would most likely be ILLEGAL! Whatever Miley.


She looked like a child trying to be a grownup. she looked uncomfortable and I was embarrassed for her. where is her guidance.


get a life hollywood. you spend all day behind a computer defending miley.
I am a fan of hers but what are you doing with your life...seriously


I don't like her no matter what she does. When she performs all one sees is what the record company is paying for. There is nothing real about her, it's all them. That works for the other performers because they know how to blend it. It's like a great actor knows how to play the character to get the audience to believe he or she is the character. It doesn't work with Miley, she doesn't pull it off.


Miley is really talented and if you listen to the last 20 seconds of that video her voice is amazing! She didnt show off her vocal talent in this video i dont think she was too busy trying to do all the dance routines.. why do people hate her.. she is a little bit slutty i will admit that but she is trying to grow up..i dont know ONE 17 year old girl who isn't like that.. this is the 21st century.. miley is not copying anyone.. she is taking tips from gaga and britney and trying to have a career like them.. so grow up people miley has get OVER IT! :)


The girl walks up to her and Miley yanks her by the hair and tosses her away. No censoring or neck/cleavage in the video I saw.


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