Vienna Girardi to Go Dancing with the Stars?

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With one Dancing with the Stars performance under her belt already after Tuesday's finale, Vienna Girardi wouldn't mind joining the show's cast full-time next season.

Her fiance, The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, competed this season and danced with Vienna to - what else - "On the Wings of Love" in a very special performance.

Kate Gosselin Dancing

We're as nauseous now as we were then, but Vienna Girardi held her own out there, twirling around the floor for viewers and fellow contestants in a short exhibition.

“It was great,” Jake raved. Great?No, but good enough to spark speculation about Vienna joining next season's cast. “I keep hearing that question,” she said.

“When they asked me to dance, I was a little nervous, but I thought, ‘Why not? Jake had so much fun.’ [I said] I’d love to try it. I dressed like a princess. I loved it.”

Jake says he won't stand Vienna’s way. [Photo:]

“I can’t be selfish. She gave me the time. If it did come down to them asking her," Jake Pavelka said. "We’ll see where our lives are, and if it makes sense, go for it.”

She's no Nicole Scherzinger, but she wasn't bad out there - and if you think ABC wouldn't resort to such stunt casting, come on. Jake was on it. Why not Vienna?

For now, Vienna's reveling in her cameo. “We only had a couple of rehearsals and I kept going, ‘I’m not ready for this! I’m going to fall! My knees are going to shake!’"

"But it was a blast.”

Also exciting? Vienna revealed to reporters that she’s already picked out her wedding shoes. The two haven’t set a date yet, “but I found my shoes,” Vienna said.

“[They're] Jimmy Choo and they have crystals all over them. They’re like Cinderella slippers.” Good to know, future Vienna Girardi Pavelka. Very good to know.


Why not get Whoopie Goldberg and Tiger Woods. They're entitled to get a shot.


I meant to write "Go to ABC's website and send them an email. It may work.


I encourage everyone to bo to ABS's website and snow them with emails asking them not to let Vienna horseface on the DWS. I won't ever watch again if this happens. The night she danced I had to watch Glee. Couldn't even watch the finale because of these two. Go away already.


If that ugly horse faced cross-eyed thing appears on DWTS, I will never watch that show again!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of Jake and Vienna. Please go AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd like to see DWTS'S get back to having STARS. on the show and not reality tv show contestants. In my estimation they're not stars and haven't done anything to earn the position.


I think Vienna looked great and gave a wonderful performance!! I kept getting her and Chelsea mixed up, they looked so much alike out there, their hair and pink dresses. But I watched it a few more times (DVR), and she really looked and danced fantastic!! She just might be a natural. I love and admire Vienna and would love to see her on DWTS next season!!




they should have had jake pavelka win as a shocking upset win


ew. God. Please no!


these two make me wanna vomit.

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