Travis Garland: THG Artist of the Week

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If Greyson Chance is the next Justin Bieber, perhaps Travis Garland can be the next Greyson Chance.

Millions of TV watchers will meet Garland tonight, as he performs on the American Idol results show. Discovered by Perez Hilton via MySpace, Garland was introduced to producer Simon Fuller by that annoying, self-obsessed celebrity blogger.

Here's what we know about him:

  • His first solo album will be released this year.
  • His first single is titled "Believe."
  • He hails from Lubbock, Texas.
  • He was part of the boy band NLT with Glee star Kevin McHale.
  • He's about to see his dreams come true.

Before he sees his fame sky-rocket, listen below to "Dead and Gone," another song by Travis Garland:


12.09.09 at 12:28 pmMattI don't owe Perez Hilton shit, and neither does anoyne else. If he hadn't started a gossip website that helped make Paris Fucking Hilton famous, someone else might have come along and started a celeb blog that consisted of actual writing and photos that weren't scrawled on in MS Paint like a third-grader, and future bloggers wouldn't have to deal with credibility issues from the mainstream media just because he's an unscrupulous piece of shit.Fuck you for saying I owe him anything.


This guy sucked beyond words if he thinks sucking Perez's c*ock is his ticket to fame he's got another thing coming just look what happen to that other no talent loser Perez had before...


C'on! He's a actually a reallyyyyy talented guy! You can't take that from him ever! Cause at least he's one of the few pop artists out there who's really passioned about MUSIC and not other sort of crap! What I really don't like is that Travis was in a boy band ok, he's been signed with Geffen since 2006...why the fuck is that Perez dude going around like he discovered him! Like he did such thing...Damn... :S


Stop it with the selling PEREZ....this guy sucks


Horrible...this guy is NO new talent! He sucked in his American Idol "skit"....Sweating allover the place with fairy like dancing and a horrible voice. JT you are in a leauge of your own.

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