Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott to Renew Wedding Vows, World to Shrug

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Thank goodness.

Following a series of self-created divorce rumors, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have decided to shoot down the non-talk for good... by renewing their wedding vows!

The couple has pretended to fight on the fifth season of their hit Oxygen show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood in order to make headlines. But it's scarcely worked, even when Spelling went on the Today show and explained:

"We have our fights. We have our ups and downs. It's a real relationship. Some issues have come up this season, and the cameras were there to catch it. And I'm happy to put that out there to my fans, because we're a normal, relatable couple."

Because all "normal, relatable" couples have fans, right?

Fake Fight

Tori and Dean celebrate their four-year anniverary tomorrow.

We've purchased them acting lessons as a gift, so their televised arguments actually seem legitimate. They still have a way to go, but if Oxygen continues to be desperate for programming, we have faith they'll eventually get there!

Tori and Dean
Tori Pic
Pretending to Be Mad

Yeah Karen-the people who disagree with you aren't haters, BUT clearly the people who adore Tori and Dean are mentally and morally challenged!!!


I don't watch them, they need to work on their acting skills instead of relying on reality shows. If they were better actors, they could get real jobs. I see no point in renewing their vows, because they don't take them seriously, anyway.


Karen Johnson - and here's an FYI to you; this is a forum for people to express their opinion; if they happen to agree with you fine, if not, it doesn't make them 'haters'. Thank goodness everyone doesn't think alike!


FYI T&D haters, Just because T&D show their lives on a reality show doesn't make them bad people, spouses or parents! They ARE in show biz & this is just a way for them to make a living. The other side of the coin is that if T&D didn't have any marital problems/arguments the T&D haters would say that their marriage was a sham & just for show-they can't win! Here's what I think their current problem is-T has a control issue & D's male ego means they're going to butt heads from time to time. Actually, their fighting just shows they're human-aren't you??? I support them renewing their vows-go T&D!


Wow you're right. she does resemble a farm animal


Hey tori just wondering does bill and scout ever get tired of being called the "guncles" or your "gay husband"?. It seems that the refrence to them as being gay is over done we all know they are gay and don't need to be reminded every few min.


believe it or not happy days was real but it was a long time ago, and it was a very boring life, so this is what we ended up with.I do believe this T.V. reality thing is getting taken way to far. I like survivor. as a mom I would never allow camaeras in my home while my kids are small we are suppose to be focusing on being parents and taking the best care of our kids they come first NOT MONEY & LOOKING GOOD....................


It does appear that tori is afraid of Dean ,who clearly munipulates her with the fear that he would walk out on her. He keeps her in a constant state of worry that he will break up her family .it is the way he controls her.Tori seems sweet and truly needs a better guy.He bullies her because he knows she doesnt feel loved by her family and he plays on it. what a phony guy..


Wow, looked at her face and thought it was Heidi! NOT good, Heidi, to end up looking like old horsey face.


This is such a pathetic attention grab by these two no-talented, media whores!! By renewing their vows, they make a mockery of the institution of marriage! After all, they were BOTH married to other people when they had sex the first day they met!!!

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