Tila Tequila: Not Pregnant, Shilling for Lame Gossip Blog

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In a new video hyping the launch of her website, Tila Tequila says she has the "biggest celebrity gossip blog" in the world. Not that she will have it, the professional nut job insists.

She has it now.

There are just a couple problems with this claim:

  1. As of this writing, the site is not live.
  2. She thinks Perez Hilton is her main competition, underestimating the power and traffic of THG.
  3. She's certifiably insane.

We'll make a deal with Tila: the day she actually produces a child from her womb will be the day we take her seriously as blogging competition.

Until then, every word Tequila writes and utters will be as believable as the pregnancy she bragged about for months on Twitter. Shockingly, a baby bump is absent from the video below...


What I do like about Perez's site is that he's seemingly refused to mention Tila in any way, shape, or form for quite a long time. It keeps her from getting any attention because of him--and the attention is precisely what she wants. Y'all might consider going that route--it's a pretty good idea.


Oh my god, Tila is so pathetic.


This right here is promotion, whether it be positive or not, and consequently, she just got a ton of traffic onto her site. PLEASE don't ever bring her name into ANYTHING again. I just want her to go away. She won't be forgotten if we keep bringing her up.


She's kinda crazy ... worst "promotion" ever ... bit of a loon tila ...


she is a pathological liar I think thats pretty obvious.. she really is insane but the 14 year olds she masterbates for via webcam seem to like her




messed up chick...almost as sad as you guys trying to act significant, lol


she seems drunk


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