Tiger Woods Divorce Drama: Elin Woods Reportedly Wants $750 Million, No Confidentiality Clause

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Was sexting Joslyn James worth it? Scorned wife Elin Nordegren is reportedly trying to club an eye-popping $750 million out of Tiger Woods in their divorce.

That sum of money may be a bit of a reach. Forbes has estimated his net work at a paltry $600 million (though he has earned $1 billion career, to his credit).

Sources close to the Tiger divorce negotiations say the golfer hasn't agreed to any sum, but when he does, he wants total, legal silence from his ex in return.

About the collapse of their marriage, about their life together. Then, now, forever. Absolutely nothing to the media. He's pressed her on this subject already.

But how will that sit with Elin Woods?

So far, not well! Nordegren said no to signing a lifetime "confidentiality clause" that would prevent her from writing a book or doing interviews about the split.

OUCH: Can Tiger spare $750 million? Elin Woods is gonna find out!

She reportedly also wants full custody of their two young children even though it was first believed that the couple were going to agree to joint custody.

Sources said the Tiger Woods divorce discussions "have turned extremely testy" and are already getting ugly as the couple no longer speaks to each other.

Nordegren has spent a lot of time away in recent months. She went to Arizona alone for a week and took the kids to Sweden while Tiger returned to golf.

Elin is said to be considering a move to Sweden for good. Tiger Woods, meanwhile, has supposedly been on the prowl in Florida with an Elin look-alike.

That's sure to go over really well.


Tabloid is probably laughing: What's your point? We all know it's gossip, we know it's not exactly true, but then again, there is some truth somewhere in it, so that's why people are posting.


Elin is a gold-digger..


Tiger's still got a pussy in his tank. Take him for all he's worth! Bastard!


Elin rightfully should get what ever she can! Tiger talked bad about her to those women who he committed adultery with, plus exposed her health. Elin was not renting out her body to him for babies, she loved him and he never told Elin that the marriage was for show and a sham! So pay up Tiger, you will make it back if you are good enough without her!


CLB: You're exactly right. I hope she gets every penny of it. To those who say she is a gold digger, I don't think so. Tiger made the money and she deserves half and then some for the humilitation he put her through, needlessly. She shouldn't sign a confidentality agreement, did he make those whores sign a confidentality agreement. They are everywhere telling everything, she should be able to, too. The hell with Tiger. They claim he gave one of the whores ten million, so why shouldn't Elin get a great deal more. She should, and maybe Tiger will learn to keep his pants on when he's married and has kids. Think of all the lies Elin had to put up with and that their marriage was a complete farce to him. What a jack ass.


You sounded as if you are the divorced wife.... Anyway, a woman asking for 750 M$ divorce settlement for 5 years of marriage is a gold-digger... She is treating her marriage as a revenue generator ... If she stands up for her own dignity, she won't ask for such amount... Just see Sandra Bullock both having an infidelity husband, who is a gold-digger and who isn't ? One can't say my husband cheated on me, so I wanted all his wealth as compensation.... Yes, there is a financial side of a divorce, but the amount has to be reasonable... 750 M $ for 5 years of marriage is a ridiculous amount... Princess Diana only got 20 M pounds in her divorce but bear in mind she is the princess of a country. Prince Charles also committed adultery...


Elin knows Tiger's secret.... Such as drug use etc.


Why is Tiger Woods so afraid of what Elin Nordegren could say to the world ???
Tiger Woods is a devious serial adulterer, a perverted sex maniac and a liar of the worst kind!!! He is a remorseless, soulless, self centered shell of a person!!! This settlement amount is for a complete package for both, Elin and the children and it went up because Tiger is demanding from Elin a lifetime confidentiality clause. This is an absolutely outrageous demand from Tiger and I hope that Elin and her lawyers fight it and do not budge on this. Tiger betrayed, deceived and humiliated Elin in front of the world and caused irreparable damage to their marriage and family! Tiger continues to victimize Elin by condemning her to be silent for the rest of her life!!! Elin should have the right to say her story even if she agrees for it to be published after she dies and the world will like to hear it!!!

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