Tiger Woods Divorce Drama: Elin Woods Reportedly Wants $750 Million, No Confidentiality Clause

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Was sexting Joslyn James worth it? Scorned wife Elin Nordegren is reportedly trying to club an eye-popping $750 million out of Tiger Woods in their divorce.

That sum of money may be a bit of a reach. Forbes has estimated his net work at a paltry $600 million (though he has earned $1 billion career, to his credit).

Sources close to the Tiger divorce negotiations say the golfer hasn't agreed to any sum, but when he does, he wants total, legal silence from his ex in return.

About the collapse of their marriage, about their life together. Then, now, forever. Absolutely nothing to the media. He's pressed her on this subject already.

But how will that sit with Elin Woods?

So far, not well! Nordegren said no to signing a lifetime "confidentiality clause" that would prevent her from writing a book or doing interviews about the split.

OUCH: Can Tiger spare $750 million? Elin Woods is gonna find out!

She reportedly also wants full custody of their two young children even though it was first believed that the couple were going to agree to joint custody.

Sources said the Tiger Woods divorce discussions "have turned extremely testy" and are already getting ugly as the couple no longer speaks to each other.

Nordegren has spent a lot of time away in recent months. She went to Arizona alone for a week and took the kids to Sweden while Tiger returned to golf.

Elin is said to be considering a move to Sweden for good. Tiger Woods, meanwhile, has supposedly been on the prowl in Florida with an Elin look-alike.

That's sure to go over really well.


Yes, hatred, revenge and greed are ugly things... It is unfortunate that Elin ended up like this !! For Tiger, perhaps his biggest lesson learnt is (a)all women are interested in him due to his money (b) he didn't have the wisdom in handling women (which ended up him in great mess with all these kiss-and-tell whores as well as a greedy and upset soon-to-be ex-wife)... Once Tiger came to true understanding of (a) and (b), he should realise it is in his best interest to stay single leaving him to live a free life like Donald Trump..


to all the people that commented: Oh Please, already, if you know it's gossip then I'd guess that everyone else knows it's gossip, too. Read a sociology book, for heaven's sake. Sure sometimes their 2plus2=50. We all know that,too. But, Tiger and Elin are getting a divorce, fact. She will probably get as much as she can, as far as the exact amount, we don't know, but we do know that Tiger's income is high. So the amount Elin is asking for will probably be a very high amount, only stands to reason. And as far as the comment about the Elin look alike, I ignored that, anyone with a brain knew that that could have been a photo of anyone. Stop picking on me, we're on the same page.


I did not for one minute condone any behavior of Tigers and I think it was disgusting. Do I think it's $750M worth or lossing custody of his children, no but this is what happens when women are scorned. Famle here, 1 child, seperated...no matter what my soon to be ex did to me it's extremely unfair to the children for Elin to even consider this. It's absurd and wrong, she is no better parent regardless of what he did. I truly hope it's not nasty, I don't believe what I read here, but one never knows. Hate is an ugly thing.


Is it Team Elin's divorce lawyers who made us of tabloid to spread around such e-news of 750 M US$ so as to puff up the divorce settlement amount as a tactic for their divorce negotiation ? I think what Elin should get is whatever in the pre-nuptial plus perhaps say 50 M US$ more as extra say-sorry money due to the frenzy of the sex scandal..plus the child support payments... But I don't think Tiger should lose the parents visitation rights at all, because the kids should have rights to access both parents no matter what happened to the marriage...


Married and Divorced in Florida? Florida is a No-Fault state, Good luck getting all that money Elin. You'll get whats in your pre-nup and a little money for time served. lol....


all i have to say is, if u think Elin deserves 750 Million. something is seriously wrong with you.


If he has to give her that much money he has the worst lawyers in history.Can we say prenup yes they have one give her money but to give her more than half of your earning is ridiculous by any standards.Yes she did get humiliated by public standards but she didn't marry a poor guy from the get go. It always about the money give her 20 million if she can't live on that she should get a job.


Hi Tina: Regarding "there is some truth in the so called gossip e-news"...well, perhaps a big "maybe".... Say for the e-news of Tiger on the prowl, alreaday the heading of "on the prowl" is sensationalising towards saying negatively that Tiger is finding girls despite still married legally...This style of writing is steering readers emotions and thoughts to what the writer wants the readers to believe... As for "real", one can write anything..and where is the proof of the incidence .... OK, say if Tiger really appeared with a blonde on one day, so it might be true of appearing with a blonde, but what does this fact really matter because the blonde can be a NIKE rep or a real estate agent etc etc... Many people are addicted to gossip and in the midst of their love to gossip-reading, they got so used to these gossip that they quoted what they read from gossip as if true ...


I can never remember Tiger looking happy in any shots with Elin, did she hold out on sex??? Was she just there to lay one of the richest men out???? Maybe get her hands on lotsa of money????? I THINK SO!!!!!!


It's pure living hell to love someone, have children by them and devote yourself to them, only to be humiliated, betrayed, used and abused. Tiger owes big time. He should give his wife and children as much money as he can, let the children go with their mother to be raised in a loving, caring, committed environment and move on to live the lifestyle that he chose/chooses, without dragging them all thru it. But, of course, he's not going to do the honorable/fair thing.....because he's not that kind of person. If he was, he would never have behaved in the manner he did/does, in the first place. Tiger, you are the 'poster child' for cheaters.

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