Tiger Woods Divorce: Already Getting Ugly!

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No papers have even been filed yet and things are already getting nasty in the Tiger Woods divorce, with his lawyers accusing Elin Woods' of leaking to the media.

Elin's lawyer, London-based Walter H. White, sent an email to his staff April 19, saying he'd "been accused by the other side of leaking information to the press." 

Elin Nordegren Mansion

"While we do not believe that anyone in the firm has been responsible for the leaks, we are aware that this is the second time that we have been so accused ... "

Tiger's top priority is to keep things quiet regarding the divorce, and to hammer it out fast. But his legal team insists Elin's is leaking info, deliberately or not.

White urged his staff to avoid public conversations relating to all firm activities after "TMZ the web news service discovered that we represent Elin Nordegren."

Those dastardly, no-good celebrity gossip sleuths!

Team Tiger is already pissed at Team Elin.

The email notes that Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the firm, boasting "To some extent it is a surprise and a tribute that it has taken so long to figure this out."

Interestingly, White was repping Elin in January, just a month after Tiger's car crash, but before the couple appeared to be making progress (which later fizzled).

In an email dated January 12, White wrote, "I am writing to advise you that we have been asked by Elin Nordegren to assist her in her legal circumstances." 

White goes on to say: "The firm has assigned a dedicated team to work closely and confidentially with Elin and Josefin [Nordegren] in order to fulfill this mandate."

Lawyers for both Woods are trying to agree on property and custody issues - she's reportedly fighting for the kids, as is Tiger - before filing divorce papers.

We'll see if they can do it quickly and/or quietly as they'd like.


I'm quite glad to see Elin go. Tiger deserves much better and he can find that person right here in the United States. Elin did not do anything to enhance Tiger. All she did was make him two ugly children and I have no doubt he will take care of them. But for Elin he should have never married her in the first place. There are too many educated, brilliant women out there to enhance his life. So give this little mummy's goldigger her money she signed up for and send her back to Sweden to date her little pool boy. And Elin take some of that money and get your High School Diploma.


The more I read stuff about Elin Woods, the more I felt she is not as simple as what most people think... If she had secured a London lawyer way back in Jan, which meant she already planned for divorce in Jan, then why blamed Tiger Woods for returning to golf or Nike cheesy ad as the reasons for her determination to leave Tiger.... I bet she can say or claim whatever she wanted for not happy with the marriage, but citing return to golf as no sincerity for marriage reconciliation really was like inventing a reason... Who didn't have sincerity for marriage reconciliation if she was the one who already hired the divorce lawyer way back in Jan ?


Tiger and Elin is complicated


Tiger and Elin is complicated.


Please shut up everyone of us the public! Tiger and Elin must do what they each feel will help them to survive this part of their life's journey. Hopefully they care about their kids more than they dislike the real reasons their marriage failed. Elin has the right to not want to have a husband who cheats and Tiger has the right to be a better father from this day forward. For better or worse, rich or poor, sickness and health, vows have no meaning to Tiger and Elin at this stage. Elin get all you can. Tiger if you had told Elin that she was boring and she was not your soul mate and that you wanted Rachel or a porn star, I bet she would have left you and never had that 2nd child. You try to use her and that your bad!!


The hiring of lawyers in January proves what I have been saying..She had no intentions of forgiving him. It was all a calculated move to smear Tiger more to build up her divorce settlement. I say the leaks have been coming from her family. Probably here sister who is trying to get some of that lotery money. The worse Tiger looks,the bigger the settlement.. F**k em Tiger..Just a bunch of money whores..


If I remember correctly Mrs. Woods has kept quiet all during this whole mess...I think they need to look for a different source for the leaks plzzzzz


TMZ has once again proven their record of sleaziness - this is immoral. So much for the "closed" proceedings on the divorce. I wonder how "Harvey", is that the name of TMZ head honcho, would like his divorce confidential info released to the press. They need to crawl back under their rock.

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