This Really is 50 Cent

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Who knew 50 Cent was so dedicated to his craft?

No, not getting shot up again and again.


The artist is starring in a film he wrote, Things Fall Apart, and he went all Michael Ventrella for the role: thanks to a liquid diet and a trio of hour/day treadmill sessions, the rapper dropped from 214 to 160 pounds.

You aren't so tough now, are you, Fiddy?!? (Please don't hurt us.)

50 Pounds Lighter
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No harm Fiddy,but you you look like someone with malnutrition.As
much ca$h as you have,is the role worth you looking so gaunt and mal-nourished.You look way past the word hungry.


He is now 25 cent




This looks more to his personal VR to me.


oops, disregard my commment, i didn't read the article properly.


You seem to have forgotten the part that it's for his new movie role.


if that is him, and his kitchen i have to say it is incredibly outdated and tacky, he needs to redecorate. he should ask martha stewart to make it over, they are good friends...she'd hook him up