The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Virgin Islands Insanity!

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We found out a surprising fact this week on The Real Housewives of New York City: it actually is possible to be too crazy on this show.


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    I thought Alex had a Business. She was away from her Husband Simon and was physically shaking from the drama saying it was her first time away from him?? Either she is very sheltered and spoilt or just immature maybe all three.My point is if she is in Business she should be used to drama.What has Jill done to upset these ladies? Why is Lu ann out of the group?


    I am disappointed in Bethany and ugly Alex. Alex is mean and revengeful. Alex and Bethany got together to try to bury Jill because they are jealous of her. I wish that Jill would forget about both of them because they are two boring and spiteful individuals. I wish that Alex would disappear from the show entirely. Bethany show isn't worth watching and if it weren't for Kelly and Jill, I wouldn't watch TRHONY.


    Shouldn't she be in a facility for the insane? She is certainly able to harm others. No should have allowed her to go back to her poor innocent children. She needs to be put away but Bravo is shamelessly exploiting her. Really people is she worth the aggravation? In my eyes she in not pretty or sexy or even a real person. When she posed in her bikinis she had the body of a high school boy. No those skinny hips never gave room for a baby. Maybe someone had them for her or she adopted. And who in their right mind would leave her alone with an infant. I sure hope that ex husband takes care of the girls if indeed he was their father.


    Please Bravo, get rid of nut-wing Kelly, she doesn't the brains to compete with this crew. She is very tiresome. I feel for this womans kids. How sad to have to deal with this in their public lives.


    This whole show seemed staged. I'm at a crossroad with this show as it has become toooo phoney! I can't take anymore of Kelly's whinning and Jill's attitude that she is so the victim. LouAnn is the biggest instigater I've seen in a long time (OH don't forget instigater with class). The producers see that they have hits and taken the real people out of the equation and started putting their crappy roll on the Housewives. I'm also ready to puke watching the New Jersey show with the YOU GOT MY BACK attitude.


    Bethenny Is my fav!!!!! She is so real & stay's in reality lol Jill did say she ran into Kelly @ the airport, which is beliveable since Kelly left that morn & Jill arrived shortly after. I just want Jill to STOP "being the vic", come to reality & for Kelly to get the MUCH Needed help she needs. SMH


    Could Bethenny be any cooler? Or funnier? Or prettier? No wonder Jason loves her. I'm straight and I almost love her!


    I agree that with seattlenative. It was a big oversight to forget to mention Kelly's big lie about Bethenny. She accused Bethenny of planting a story about her, when Bethenny said the exact opposite. That shows that she's not just crazy; she's also a liar.


    You left out one bizarre thing that Kelly said to the ladies when she got back, she said that Bethenny told her that she went after her with a smear campaign, which was a total lie, and didn’t make sense to anyone. Where she came up with that is well its Kelly, CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Bethenny said exactly the opposite, but the look on Luann's face when she said it was priceless.


    the recap was spot on. Jill and Kelly are instigators and than turn around and become victims. LuAnn can be lumped in as well, she is two faced and fake classy. I read Ramona's blog and Jill was told to meet Kelly at the airport because of her state, Jill never mentioned surprising them or coming or anything. She wanted a reaction, she just didn't get the one she planned for.

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