The Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video: What a Disappointment!

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Man, what a tease.

After hearing about a video that depicted Miley Cyrus giving Adam Shankman a lap dance at last year's wrap party for The Last Song, we were excited to watch it and lay into Miley like usual.

We had the puns all ready: Miley Cyrus? More like Miley SIN-rus!

Alas, the minute-long tape has now been leaked - and it's disappointingly tame. If parents truly yanked their kids from this gathering because Miley was acting too lewd, well, they really shouldn't show their children her "Can't Be Tamed" video.

Check out this scarcely dirty bit of dancing below.


Child pornography is the depiction of a child under the age of eighteen engaged in sexually explicit behavior. U.S. DOJ.
This child pornography.


You are a horrible role model for young kids as you seem to assume that kids young enough to be watching Hannah Montana are searching the internet and will ever see this video. If that's the case they are probably watching porn instead. The Cyrus' are some of the best people you will ever meet with love in their hearts for their neighbors. You should try it some time.


WTF? Miley will be the next Lindsay Lohan. I'm so disappointed! She's only 17 and giving a 45 year old man a lap dance. Eeew Miley!


shes having fun


Ignorance I understand that it was truly digusting and ignorant of her to dance with a 44 year old man. If it was someone her own age it would be understandable. Parents that think this dance is innapropriate however need to got there kids school and see how the dance. This is not the seventies anymor we dont do the samba, tango, or waltz ianymore. Its either slow dancing only at proms mainly, or grinding so seriosly Im not supporting her grinding on a forty year old man but for god sake see what some of your kids do.


fuck u miley, we dont need u in our world, y would u do that, i used to be a fan of u, but u lost me already, a long long time ago, ur officialy a porn star


You fucking serious Hollywood Gossip...Miley Sin-rus??? I really hope the wordsmith who crafted that gem got promoted. I mean really, Sin-Rus? Sin-Rus!?! You must have hired some of the writing staff from Mind of Mencia to have thought up that creative of a pun. You had hundreds of puns lined up and that was the first one in your lineup? Please do me a favor and release the rest so I can see if their is any possible combination of words in the English language that can form a worse insult than Miley Sin-Rus.


i agree a bit with does not even resemble a lap dance.....that is, it was NOT a lap dance......wat i see in the video is that miley is just partying (probably after a good day's work)......yes it got a bit naughty......but not naughty enough to make a big deal of......loosen up people.....


Do you ppl not know that there were children at the party? DO you not know that its seriously wrong and if you think its right its clear that you are a whore too. There is enough garbage in the world already we dont need you!


Didn't you know that liberal television has turned a generation of girls into sleazy whores where they have normalized promiscuity to the point where these young girls are willing to bare it all to millions of masterbating men for as little as a truckers hat.Thank you MTV Youtube Myspace ect,ect,ect.ROFL!Girls gone wild.


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