The Hills Recap: Everybody Hates Spencer Pratt

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Spencer Pratt is out of control. We've known this for some time at THG, but now it has gotten to the point where even his friends and family see he is losing it.

Last night's episode of The Hills, "This is Goodbye," focused on Heidi's husband's deteriorating mental health, as well as Brody and Kristin's renewed romance.

Here's The Hollywood Gossip's official Hills rundown, plus-minus style:

Holly and Stephanie lament being the only sane ones left in their families. Never mind that both of them have serious, well-publicized drinking issues. Plus 9.

After Holly rehashes how Spencer called the cops on Heidi's mom, Steph says Speidi has no friends. Charlie is rolling in his grave as we speak. Minus 4.

Heidi and Kristin are friends? Were they always? Hard to keep track. Plus 3.

Spencer looks like he needs a hug.

"Who am I without Spencer?" Heidi ponders. Hmm. Probably a reasonably cute, harmless, not brainwashed chick with friends and real-looking breasts. Minus 37.

Audrina Patridge visits her boyfriend Ryan Cabrera at the studio. He's apparently still under contract? Minus 2. But Plus 8 for his decision to skip that night's drama.

Venturing out of his hole for once, Spencer calls Audrina the "lamest girl in the club" which sparks an argument between himself and Brody. Like old times. Plus 5.

Heidi Montag has a threefold excuse for Spencer: 1. He has stuff on his mind (Minus 3). 2. All guys are controlling (Minus 6). 3. She changed herself (Minus 12).

Most awkward clubbing moments ever: Heidi Montag shows her crystals collection to Kristin as Spencer says Heidi doesn't watch TV or use the computer. Plus 20.

OMG, Brody and Kristin are, like, so meant to be ... but single!

Holly and Stephanie say they are done with Heidi and Spencer, while Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner get down on the floor and eventually leave together. Plus 9.

The next day, Kristin says what they have going is good, whatever it is. Brody says he likes being single, and Kristin does too. Holla at friends with benefits! Plus 18.

Obligatory Lo scene! Steph says that she is flipping between being angry and sad over Heidi and Spencer. Blah, blah, blah. Stephanie and Lo are so boring. Minus 7.

The girls all are told by MTV agree to completely cut off Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt. No communication at all. Plus 5 for effort, but we give it about half an episode.

TOTAL: +4. SEASON: +55. Basically, it was an episode in which everyone agrees Speidi is insane, and Brody macked on Kristin. Boilerplate stuff, but we'll take it.


what makes me laugh most is that "josh" tried to tell us all the spencer is humble. Only after calling himself rich and extremely good looking. Not only is "josh" a retard, but obviously has no idea what the word "contradicting" means.


to dade: I am in total agreement with you. Spencer is a hot head!!-bi-polar tendencies, and he will end up killing his wife. The guy is a no-talent
raging, walking keg of dynamite. He has totally brain-washed Heidi- her family needs to intervene now!!! before it is too late. Another short guy with a napoleonic complex. Hope her family kidnaps her away from him soon.


All of this Spencer drama is for the show.


It seems to me that Spencer, who is rich, extremely good looking, humble, and a descendent of an Alamo defender has no need to defend his actions. He's quite clearly an outstanding actor whose fame is light years ahead of those clowns calling themselves professionals in Hollywood. His use of crystals is changing the thinking of the scientific world. Research has pointed to many benefits from crystals. Let's not worry so much about Spencer- his near mystic elevation to stardom is only beginning.


we never realy hear anything about spencers parents---wonder what they think about his obvious change??? have they cut them off too??what about spencers grandmother we met last time---he was her favorite---wonder if she has seen him since he's gone completlly off the deep end????? after reading the comments it made me think ------ if all of it is as act on spencers part--he is going to be a big star one day---if not my biggest fear is that he will eventually hurt them both because he is never going to let her go even if she comes to her senses and wants to get out !!! i realy feel heidi knows its crazy but doesnt know how to get out because he has her so brain washed they she is nobody without him---I feel so bad for family and friends because they cant do anything to help her if she wont let them--


I think that Spencer has schizophrenia. My brother has it and his behavior is a lot like Spencer's. He's on medicine now so he's not so bad- he's still kind of unpleasant and not much fun to be around- but he's not raving mad.
Spencer needs help. He's not an addict. He's mentally ill.
The hard part about schizophrenia is that the person is so difficult to be around and doesn't trust anyone.


Why do I have this intense feeling that he is going to severly harm her one day? He is such a controlling idiot and I am sure he forced her into having 10 procedures.
Reminds me of the Playboy playmate that was eventually murdered by her control freak ex-husband.......God forbid this should happen to Heidi.


wtfh has heidi done to herself??? carnt wait for new serious to air over here ENGLAND!!! i ove audrina only classey lady on the show... heidi didnt no1 tell u to stop!! u look like u've thought yehh!! ugly is in this season..... oh well got enuff money hey sort it out!!! dimmonds $ breakfast an all that>>


Spencer has found the answer while the rest of the world remains mentally vacant. His awareness is quite intense. The crystals he uses are worth exploring into for their healing benefits. Too bad more Americans can't see how important of an actor Spencer has become in such a short amount of time. Heidi is exceedingly lucky to be with someone so wonderful.


Lo is passive aggreesive and note cute.

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