Team Christina Calls Out Team Gaga: Who's a Copycat Now?!?

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Having been away from the business for years, raising her son, Christina Aguilera came back in a major way last week.

She released the video for "Not Myself Tonight," which stirred up controversy over whether it was too sexy and provocative. In other words: it accomplished the exact goal Aguilera had in mind and put her right back on the musical map.

But another controversy has broken out about the single: is it a copycat? Critics allege that Christina has simply stolen her new style and edginess from Lady Gaga in a clear attempt to piggyback off that eccentric singer's success.

To that charge, one Christina fan in particular has a Clueless-like response: AS IF!

In the following video, an Aguilera supporter (with a lot of time on her hands) aims to prove that it's actually the other way around: Gaga has taken her cue from Xtina. Watch and decide for yourself:

Lady Gaga is likely too pissed at Fox to care much about this feud, but you can sound off below. Which artist is the most original?

Whose side are you on?


we all know xtina has the voice and she can sure sing live and i do like gaga but come on everyone knows we all look at gaga for her out of this world outfits,shoes,hair cus like i recently read in a blog take away gagas outfits and all crazy stuff she wears you really have nothing else to look at and everyone is so excited about her music cus you are just waiting to see what she comes with up next you really pay more attention to the video than the song


Um..nobody knew who David Bowie and Christina Aguilera were? That's rather ignorant comment made,Mari and I must guess you're still a youngin'. Anybody in their twenties/thirties know who the hell David Bowie and Christina Aguilera are; some of the biggest names of pop culture in the 80s and 90s. In fact, Xtina's songs were so out there and provocative, her songs and music vids would not be played earlier than 10 at night on MTV. So she's been on hiatus for a few years raising her son. I can't blame her; when and if I do have kids, I too would like to take time off to be there for my child's Firsts (first crawl, step, word, etc.) Her voice is amazing, her talent unbelievable. Just give the woman a bit and she'll show you what a second rate, synthesized, copy cat Miss Gaga is.


Freakishly similar, I say Lady Gaga def tryin to cope Christina!!


What Gaga makes look like art, Christina makes look cheap.


Look nobody even knew these people until gaga came out nd became famous seriously since when does Christina write such provocative music. Plus she did not try to copy anybody if u were little monsters u would know that gaga had only respect fr these people they were like her mentors until they saw how popular she had gotten and then they started saying b***. Theyre all just hating that she got more famous than they will ever be. Gaga has never been mean to them but they have said so much s*** that they're the ones who look bad not her.NO ONE IS COPYING ANYBODY


Christina Aguilera has a really good voice and she really doesnt need to copy Lady Gaga and others but she does that unfortunately.Her older songs were better i dont like her dance inspired songs i think it doesnt suit her voice on the other hand Lady Gaga has some good catchy song but nothing special,i wish she would write more songs like Speechless.The truth is the music nowdays suck i wish there are more bands like Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,Fleetwood Mac,Ramones,Deep Purple itd,the real true music.


i am on christina's side bekuss i really love her voice!!!!espeially her song beautiful!!!!!!!that is such a good song for every one to know that they are actully beatuiful in every single way!!!!!!!!! even though i love lady gaga!!!!!!i do not think yooh guys are coping each other yooh guys are who yooh are and who yooh guys want to be!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont think either one is copyong each other. At some point a outfit you wear is probably going to look like another celebrities and they sound very different to me also. I dont kno how her music is not original seeing as how she has written every song on her album on her own except for like two or three and even on those ones she was co-writer. People dont understand that she is performing all the time. That is who she is. She is very smart and knows about stage and theater and that is what she tries to incorporate in her performances.


the only "critics" that are alleging xtina is copying gaga, are those that are gaga's drug buddies...gaga is anything but original, in both music and style. this is actually what the real critics have said since day one.....her buddies that keep their heads up her ass, are even aware that her "artisic style" has been anything but "hers"...

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